3 Great Reasons to Hire Promotional Models

13 Feb

So you want to build your brand and generate interest in your product or service. Are promotional models right for your business? Here are a few reasons to consider hiring brand ambassadors through to represent your product or service.

Diversify Your Advertisements

Many businesses follow the predictable strategy of using print and social media to get their messages out into the world. Some find great success with this method, however in this day and age consumers can easily skip over the ad pages in a local newspaper, delete an email, or tune out advertisements in online browsers. Adding a spokesmodel to your company can bring you a new clientele not targeted by regular ads.tradeshow benz

Seek Out New Clientele

A customer is more likely to remember a personal encounter with a stunning, articulate model, than a printed advertisement. Models can create a buzz or get people talking about your product. This can happen with a regular advertisement, however it is much more likely for a person to tell a story about a face to face interaction than an ad they saw while watching “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

Inform Your Market

Printed literature about your brand or service can be a very effective way to discuss the finer points of what you have to offer. For many people, having a conversation about the product allows them to retain more information and form a longer lasting relationship with the company. A promotional model can engage in personal and meaningful conversations about your company and product.

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  1. Deb Pearl says:

    My friends recently started a business together and they were thinking of making a commercial to promote the company. It is true that a person is more likely to watch an advertisement with an actual model than read something in the newspaper. I think that they should hire a model to help them with their commercial. It sounds like it would be a big help for them! Thanks!

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