3 Secrets to Being the Top Brand

13 May

Entrepreneurs and companies are always on a hot pursuit to THE brand. Be the business that snags their attention and of course, wants your service/product! How?

Here are 3 tips provided by Castango on what you can do to grab the customers you are looking for and most of all, make them feel understood.

1. Have an “E.T. Headline.”

In one simple line, let your customer feel like they’ve finally found what they have been looking for. An “E.T.” headline reaches out to your customer through the screen and touches their pain point! Magic words that let them know in a second that you understand their pain and that you are different.

Here’s some “E.T.”/ branding lines I bet that you recognize:

Nike: Just Do it
Subway: Eat Fresh
Orbit: Just Brushed Clean Feeling.

Want more? Check out these businesses (and people!) with kick butt branding!

2. Irresistible Call to Action

Along with your headline, have a tiny phrase as well – may it be small that packs a HUGE punch. This tiny phrase doesn’t have to be a ‘sub-headline’ per say, it can be a quick video or link that is a visual portfolio of your work.

If you choose to do a video, keep it tight and right! Don’t make it too long, have it speak directly to your customers. With a portfolio, make sure it has visuals that are bright so that it is interesting but skim worthy as well.

With that, it efficiently shows what you can provide. People just don’t have the time nowadays. One small bit of copy will impress your customers for they will not feel time starved when on your business’ site. They’ll feel understood and that will immediately garner trust.

3. Be “Proudly not for everyone”

Don’t take your eyes off your target customer. Brand turn to blogger for a reason. To be influencers in their market. Sure, it’s nice to have a lot of options, but it’s like they say, “you can’t please everyone.” Your priority is to get the customers that you’re right for. Ask yourself if you’re doing enough of representing who you’re for and who you’re not for – this will help you draw a clear line in the sand. Don’t be afraid, it’s ok to alienate certain customers. Rather work with those who are right for you than waste your time/services.

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