3 Ways Your Business Benefits from Attending Conventions

07 Feb

So you’re in the process of weighing the pro’s and con’s of attending a trade show or convention. Here are 3 things Castango believes your business will undoubtedly get from attending an appropriate convention.


Seminars and lectures can be very valuable, but are extremely one sided. There is absolutely a need for seminars and lectures, however the need to hold conversations is imperative as well. The real learning, brainstorming, and lateral thinking happens when you engage with others. Attending a convention with concrete goals will enable you to not only hold conversations with potential clients or competitors, but have the right conversations.


Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to have potential clients touch, see, and demo your product. We’ve all seen cool new products in action through web videos, and if we are honest with ourselves, nothing looks super impressive on a computer screen. When people are able to demo your product they immediately become walking advertisements for your brand. Every time an attendee demos your product, you’ve made a lasting impression on someone. This is far more beneficial than a fleeting ad on YouTube which we have all learned to tune out fairly well.

A Face for the Brand

Having a professional spokesmodel lead a convention can work wonders for humanizing a brand or company. Instead of being known as the “faceless corporation” attendees will view your company as friendly and approachable. When an engaging person represents your product, your business becomes paired with that person. Attending a show gives your company the ability to come alive and show the world that the people behind the product are fully committed to giving users the best service and experience imaginable. Sign up with Castango today and find a perfect brand ambassador for your booth!

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