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14 May


In the past, “freelance” used to mean that you were “broke as a joke” and people wouldn’t take you seriously. But now, freelance work and freelancers are about to run the world.

In a recent survey by the consulting firm MBO partners estimates that “by 2020, at least half of the country’s workforce will have gone freelance at some point, either by choice or necessity.”

The state of the independent workforce is going to continue to surge. After all, everyone likes the idea of “being your own boss”! With that, it means fiercer competition. ( Is your headshot enough to compete? Read more, HERE) If you want to  be discovered and earn big, you must have an edge above the competition.

Here Are 4 Ways to Kill it as a Freelance Model:

1. Stay away from the Status Quo

Loyal customers are great and having consistent work on your plate is too, but you don’t want to lose touch with what else is going on in your field. Go big or go home, mix it up and get new prospects! Set concrete goals for the year. Contact new customers/clients and show them what you can do and how you can help them. Make some time to work on bigger projects by signing up with Castango, this way you will be helping your business by building new networks and getting more gigs.

2. Do more, Charge more!

This one sounds scary, but it’s worth it. But first, calculate your fees! Here’s an online calculator to make sure you are covering all your needs: insurance, taxes, retirement contributions and, of course, that you’ll have a profit left over.

If a client says never says, “Whoa, I can’t afford you!” you’re underselling yourself. The gig wasn’t meant to be – it’s ok, more will come your way!

As tough as it can be for women (that “people-pleasing” thing is in our DNA), stop under-charging or working for free! Think about this, every time you do a project for a friend or a connection, “Would you ever give someone part of your paycheck?” Exactly, so don’t. You will gain respect and most of all paid work that is worth it.

3. Network, network, network!

Sometimes, you can’t do everything on your own. Get by with a little help from your friends! This means you may need to take advantage of your social media sites! Technology has changed the game. Job marketplaces and social media have made it easy to connect with industry professionals on-line. You can start simple by searching your social media platforms to see who you are connected with and friends of friends with anyone in your line of work. You can also look for industry events.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Create a profile when signing up on to help you get your foot in the door. With an on-line profile you are part of an exclusive network of talent and have access to the best opportunities in the business. Whether you are a: Spokesmodel, Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model, Narrator, Product Specialist, Emcee/Host, Dancer, Actor.

4. Stick to who you are – define yourself!

Because you are your own brand it’s important to define what that is.  Pick 3 strong words or phrases that best describe you and what makes you unique and valuable in your industry. These qualities will help you define yourself in the industry to generate more work. It’s important to have a 30 second pitch to sum up who you are and what you do when you meet new people. People that are employed at a company, have a brand behind them. You need to do just that. You are what you believe yourself to be and everyone will respond to that. Sign up Castango now for free and start getting gigs!

Who run the world, freelance models! Lets tweet chat about it @Castangoinc

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