5 Tricks to Getting Your Brand Ambassador Excited

05 Feb


Expanding your brand is going to take more than a one man show. Brand Ambassadors, people who help create a positive public opinion about a product or service, will aide product sales as well as capture new leads. The questions is, how do you get your new talent excited about your brand? Gaining trust, demonstrating your product, making it a challenge and creating a fair atmosphere will all result in a happy brand ambassador. Castango is revealing 5 tricks that will change the way you keep your talent intrigued and eager to work for you.

  • Share your story.

Becoming a business owner was not a cake walk. Start up a conversation with your brand ambassador about how you began and what led you to the success of your own business. This will create interaction and help gain trust between one another. Asking your Brand Ambassador about their back story will also help you get to know them better. Communicating is the first step to gaining trust between brand and talent.

  • Demonstrate your product.

Brand Ambassadors need to know the ins and outs about the service or product you are providing. If you own a clothing line show them hats or clothes that you think they would like. In return your talent will be able to suggest certain articles to your audience and boost sales. If you are providing a service implement the importance of your product in their lives. This will have your talent experience an emotional connection and convince your audience why they need to have it as well.

  • Make it a challenge.

Everybody likes a good challenge. Companies go into trade show or events with a goal. Whether it is to generate a number of leads or to sell a certain amount of product in a day, your brand ambassador is a huge part in reaching your goals. Create a number of leads to generate for the day and reward the talent if they do a great job at reaching that goal. Their reward could be a bonus or even a sample of your product or service. This will give your talent motivation to achieve the task at hand. 

  • Give a fair amount of breaks.

Brand Ambassadors stand on their feet all day for 8-9 hours a day when working a trade show. Breaks are vital to their health as well as mental state. Eating is fuel for the brain so allow long enough for your talent to refuel and freshen up. Also allow a couple breaks here and there throughout the show. Snacking and drinking plenty of water will keep your talent happy and able to maintain their energy throughout the entire day. Having a brand ambassador that is consistent is your main goal.

  • Pay in a timely manner.

The biggest complication in the trade show industry is trust that the talent is going to get paid in a timely fashion. Everybody wants to be compensated for their work and talent have had bad experiences where some don’t get paid at all. Giving your brand ambassador reassurance will put their mind at ease and allow them to have a clear head ready to work. Create a date at time, not too long after the show, to pay your talent prior to their work day so they have clarity as to when to expect their compensation.

Brand ambassadors can be a huge help in raising brand awareness as well as completely any goals you may have for your next trade show. Get your talent excited and eager to work for you by implementing these 5 tricks mentioned above. ew leads. The questions is, how do you get your new talent excited about your brand? Gaining trust, demonstrating your product, making it a challenge and establishing a fair atmosphere will all create a happy brand ambassador. Come to Castango today to find the perfect brand ambassador, promotional model, or booth brains to represent your brand and bring it to life.


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