5 Ways To Successfully Promote Yourself

25 Apr



Any freelance talent has a mission to make an image for themselves. Creating a name for people to remember is going to be your main goal. From Social sharing to updating your headshots, there are an abundance of ways to show your talent and professionalism in the event industry. Here are 5 great ways suggests you to promote yourself and create your own brand.

  • Social Sharing.

Social media plays a huge role in your image. Many people have built careers just from promoting themselves using social media. Whether you find work on Facebook or build your image through Youtube, as long as you become consistently active with social media you are unstoppable! Some social media outlets you can utilize are:

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Instagram!

Take that extra step to dedicate to your craft. Once you build a following employers will start coming to you! After a while you won’t even have to look for the jobs anymore.

  • Update Your Video Reel.

If you haven’t read our blog Video Reel: The New Resume yet, you should! It is extremely beneficial to your career. Live talent is needed all over the country and finding jobs are primarily done remotely. Showing a video reel of what your talent is will make your chances of getting hired more likely. It represents your professionalism and gives your future employer a snapshot of your personality live. Put that extra time and money into yourself and you will see how successful you can become! Making sure your headshots are updated is the next step that should be on your list.

  • New Headshots Are A Must.

It is time to update your headshots. Appearances change all of the time, whether it be your hair color or the look you are portraying.  Sending old headshots to your future employer is a big no no! Since you are finding work from the internet, your headshot is the new handshake! It is the first image that your future employer will put to your name. Making sure that it is updated will alleviate an awkward encounter. The biggest complaint that companies have is that the talent they hired looked nothing like the picture that was provided. Invest in yourself and you will see a big increase in the number of jobs you book in the trade show and event industry.

  • Write Blogs Or Create Video Blogs!

As talent we are always looking for tips and tricks in the industry. If you are a dancer you may want to watch a make up tutorial on stage make up. If you are an actor you may want tips and tricks for auditions. Why not create your own Youtube Channel and build a following? Share with people your experiences and ideas. Try this approach and see how far it can get you! Not only will you be helping others you will be doing what you love at the same time!

  • Always Follow Up With Your Employers.

At the end of your event or trade show sending a thank you email could impress your employer. Showing them gratitude for giving you the opportunity to work that event will make them want to use you again for another job. That is your goal at the end of the day.  To make an imprint on everyone you come in counter with and give them a positive experience to remember.


Each of these steps will take you closer to success in the industry. The more you invest in yourself the more you will be able to reach your goals and dreams. Do not forget that consistency is key! Whether it be on the trade show floor or through social media, always keep a smile on your face and give it your all. is here to help build your empire!



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