6 Modeling Myths

04 Jun

6 Modeling Myths | Secrets To Success

You may have heard some of the modeling myths out there. When you go to hire a model for your next event or shoot, keep these myths in mind. While being a model can be a dream job, it requires specific skills and a lot of determination. Here are six myths provided by Castango to think about before casting your next model.

1. Models Make a Ton of Money

There are certainly a few models whose careers have brought them fortune. Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner are exceptions. According to the Census, the mean income for models is less than $20k per year. Many designers and businesses pay models with clothes or products which doesn’t help with rent. While models might not have to sit in an office and complete TPS reports all day, they work hard and deserve fair compensation.

2. All Beauty, No Brains

While the media portrays some models as uneducated clothes hangers, this could not be further from the truth. Many models have amazing interpersonal skills and education. Trade show and event models are adept at gathering crowds, learning about products quickly and demonstrating their use to the public. It takes an exceptional mind to discuss the ins and outs of new products with thousands of strangers for hours at a time.

3. Every Model Has a “Discovery”

There might be a handful of models that got discovered by simply going about their daily grind. The reality is that most models had to learn the “ropes” themselves. They work hard to find agencies and photographers, face rejection, and start with the least desirable gigs.

4. Model Always Takes Direction From the Photographer

While this does happen in many circumstances, models often begin posing without any direction. A great model will know what to do, which way to turn, or what look to give depending on the job. Models know how they look best. Even Tyra Banks will only pose in certain ways because she knows what will look good on the other side of the camera. A photo shoot is not a lead-and-follow scenario, it is a collaborative art process.

5. Agencies Pay for Everything

This one is far from truth. Agencies may help a model gain exposure, however models have daily expenses. Models are independent contractors. Unless they’re a Top Model, they don’t get flown from New York to Paris to L.A. Travel expenses, health insurance, head shots, all come out of pocket.

6. Models are Young, Tall, and Skinny

Models come in many sizes and ages. A model over 40 might make the perfect brand ambassador for a company. A shorter model might be the perfect choice to showcase a new ‘petite’ line of clothing. Plus size modeling is gaining popularity every day. Models don’t just pop out of a mold! They come in many shapes, sizes, and ages, all offering their own unique skills.

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