How to Avoid An Empty Booth ? Using Models!

11 Aug

After hours of preparation and thousands of dollars in expenses, the last thing you want is an empty booth.  As a company, you’ll want to connect with consumers and have a strong ROI.  With the internet, and things like free shipping on amazon prime, consumers now have a multitude of choices. What you may not know as a business owner is that you can use brand ambassadors, promotional models, and spokesmodels to get your message out to your target customers faster on the trade show floor. Let’s face it, some companies may think, “We need someone to help scan badges or hand out freebies.” So here are some more ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Use Brand Ambassadors to test products and provide real life feedback to the consumers by sharing on social media platforms.IBM
  • Use Promo Models to sign autographs on promotional material and take photos with customers
  • Use Presenters to perform 3-5 minute speeches to explain product information at trade shows
  • Use a Sales Assistant to generate leads at a show, and then have them follow up after the show

The sky is the limit, as freelance promotional models and brand ambassadors have a plethora of skills to use.  It’s okay to have realistic fears about spending more money on models at the trade show for no ROI. If you hire them to pass out key chains, then your fears will be validated. But, customers want companies to have people they can engage with and to be transparent when it comes to their products and philosophies. Face to face interaction with customers go a long way. This provides the transparency customers are looking for as well as transforming your company from a faceless logo to a real person who has used the product or service.  The celebrity “wow” factor also comes into play when models are part of the team instead of just booth displays. This will ensure your booth stays busy for the duration of the conference.

Make sure to follow up after the show! Even use your models to help make the follow up calls. Your customers may not remember all of the booths they visited and pamphlets they collected, but they’ll never forget the personal encounter with someone knowledgeable and friendly.

Get the most out of your trade show with Trade show models.  To learn more, visit us Castango, the on-line job marketplace for trade show and event talent.





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