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28 May
Chekesha Van Putten tradeshow model, actress, and dancer

Chekesha Van Putten : model, actress, and dancer

Chekesha Van Putten ­ Founder of is a professional spokesmodel, actress and dancer. As talent herself, she began her career in front of the camera appearing in TV, film, print ads and commercial campaigns including: the first two ‘Austin Powers’ movies, ‘The Academy Awards’ broadcast, ‘Melrose Place’, ‘Third Rock From the Sun’, ‘American Beauty’, ‘Pepsi,’ and many more. Chekesha danced and choreographed for Los Angeles Lakers Girls for 2 years where she was called to do multiple promotional and charity appearances across the globe, including a USO tour in Asia. In addition, she has represented some of the biggest brands in the world like: LG Electronics, Gatorade, Audi, Puma, Jack Daniels and Toyota to name a few. She knows first hand about what it takes to book work and stay relevant in the industry.


As talent, you are always looking for ways to supplement your income while waiting for your next big break. Tradeshows provide the perfect opportunity to do that, but there was a real gap in the way in which talent could find this type of work. Most models and talent spend hours on-line, signing up with multiple agencies waiting for the phone to ring.

This proved to be inefficient and time consuming. There was no centralized place on-line to find tradeshow work.


After Moving to Vegas with nothing but an entrepreneurial spirit and a dream to help others, Ms. Van Putten developed the concept for an on-line job marketplace which helps match talent—spokesmodels, brand ambassadors, actors, models, dancers, etc.—with jobs in the trade show and event industry. She says. “I’m really hoping to create a vehicle for performers to promote themselves and find work without having to completely rely on an agent.” ­ See more at:


Tradeshow Casting was built on a dream to make finding work more accessible to models and talent across the nation. Empowering freelance models and talent to take control of their career and negotiate their own rates based on skill and experience. All photos, videos, and submissions in one place!


Whether it’s part time or full time, college or full on career, Tradeshow Casting is the go-to on-line job marketplace for the trade show and event industry. This platform was built by a talent for talent. It was meant for you – Sign up today.

The dream is free, the future is yours. #castingadream . Tweet chat us@tradeshowcastng

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