Convention and Trade Show “Myths”

09 Feb


There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to running a successful trade show. While many of these are valid, there are a few that, like the stories of the Greek Gods, are just myths. Let Castango reveal them for you!

You won’t have a successful show unless you are active on social media.

This one is true to some extent. It’s 2015 and every business should have a social media presence whether you intend to go to a trade show or not. While social media is important for your business, it will not soley draw more people to your booth. Moreover, the goal of any trade show is to leave each attendee with pertinent information about your business or product. Connecting with attendees on a personal level goes much further than a tweet.

Although your business shouldn’t rely on social media to gather your crowd, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all excellent mediums to follow up with attendees. You can even use it as a tool during the show to create a buzz outside of the event by having attendees check in or use your hashtag. The bottom line is social media is a great tool, but having excellent people making human connections manning your booth isn’t something that should go by the wayside.

Go Paperless, it’s the future!

True, it’s great to conserve resources and be green, but that tangible infographic or list of services goes a long way with attendees. Attendees most often use a printed itinerary to navigate the show the floor, so why not give them something they can hang on to? It is certainly cool to be able to arrive at a show with nothing but an iPad, but it may not be the most effective way to communicate your message.

This doesn’t mean you need to hand out white papers to everyone who merely glances in the direction of your booth, but giving something tangible to attendees reinforces the connection with your business or product. Make sure to be creative with your swag. Pens and key chains are so 1999.

If you use technology to create product awareness, there’s no need to attend a trade show or conference.

Those online product tutorials, testimonials, and descriptions do a great job of creating a buzz around your products and services, however prospective buyers will want to see it all in action! There’s no substitute for seeing something with your own eyes or touching it with your hands.  

Attending the show can certainly be an investment, but having an actual human being tell their friends about your product is much more effective than generating one “like” on Facebook. Trade shows that have been running for years are still growing their attendance. For instance, DefCon had a total of 10k attendees in 2010 and over 22k this year. Trade Shows and conferences  aren’t going anywhere. The next time you set up a booth, make sure to hire the best. Get started with today.

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