Craigslist: The No Zone For Finding Talent

22 Mar


Finding talent for your next big trade show or event can be a major challenge for companies. Making sure they are reliable in the industry and they have the right skills is not an easy task. Castango has made it simple and safe. Not only do you visually see who you are casting, you are also able to view their biography, skills, and work history. Utilizing craigslist for your needs is risky and could result in a total bust. There are several reasons why craigslist is not a reliable source to utilize. Who exactly are you communicating with and do they have the skills that match your brand? On craigslist, there really is no way of guaranteeing their capabilities, you just have to trust what they say. Castango created a resolution to the ongoing problem.

  1. Who are you communicating with?

While searching the web, craigslist sounds like the ideal route to go. Wrong! It may be a free easy platform to utilize finding talent, but is it extremely unsafe. The questions you have to ask yourself is who are you communicating with? People have been known to create fake craigslist accounts to land gigs in the freelance industry. Not only can you not see who you are communicating with, but you don’t even know if they are capable or have the work history and skills. With Castango , we make it simple for companies to navigate through our platform that enables you to see if the talent fits your specific image for raising brand awareness. On craigslist, there is no way of guaranteeing they are who they say they are. Find talent the safe way.

  1. Are they reliable and capable?

How can you determine your potential talent has what it takes to represent your brand just from an email? All you can hope is that they are telling you the truth. Many companies have trouble finding talent. Who you hire may not look like they did in their photos. In fact there are a number of catfish out there who post fake photos to land a job.  Some talent on craigslist don’t understand the concept of professionalism. The majority utilize selfies to represent who they are. This industry is revolutionizing and having professional headshots and resumes are a MUST. Using a platform that shows you the talent you are searching is real would be the most intelligent thing to do. Once you hire a brand ambassador, actor, promotional model or spokesmodel from craigslist it becomes a guessing game. Hoping they show up to your event looking like they did in their pictures is an added anxiety that is not needed before a big show. Hiring talent months in advance will save all of the trouble. Castango allows you to post your job months in advance so you get an array of talent to choose from. Not only can you find talent on your own by utilizing the advance search option, you will get dozens of applicants wanting to work for you!

Not only is it dangerous to utilize craigslist, it is counter productive as well. Do not waste your time hoping that the talent you hired is who they say they are. This will cause added anxiety when the event industry is stressful enough. Castango  is here to make your life easier while building your brand and having talent to represent your product or service the professional way.

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