Estee Lauder’s Instagram Upswing

23 Dec
Kendall Estee Lauder

You all know Kendall Jenner. She’s got an impressive 35 million plus followers on her personal Instagram. When Estee Lauder announced that she would be the new face of their company, they almost immediately gained 50,000 followers. The right model can do wonders for your company’s image. Currently, Estee Lauder reports net sales growing 6-7% per share. For a mega company like Estee Lauder, those are fantastic numbers. Considering that the company derives 50% of its sales from the United States market, signing Kendall Jenner worked like magic in inciting the brand’s revival. Forbes has predicted the brand’s numbers continue to rise in the fiscal year’s fourth quarter.

The match of Kendall Jenner with Estee Lauder is a prime example of what the right spokesmodel can do for a business. But why was the success so immediate for Estee Lauder? It has everything to do with social media. Kendall already had millions of followers on her social media platforms. Considering that platforms like Instagram are incredibly popular among a younger demographic, Kendall Jenner was able to reinvigorate Estee Lauder’s appeal to that target crowd. Her followers are more likely to be exposed to and use Estee Lauder products than traditional advertising strategies.

Social media is often misused by companies and can even do harm when marketing strategies are implemented improperly. Kendall and Estee Lauder’s success was not due to pumping out post after post with flashy ad words, but through a much more organic process. If you were to look at Kendall’s Instagram page today, you would see a smattering of personal photos with Estee Lauder shoots and ads peppered in. In fact many of the photos have nothing to do with Estee Lauder, but that’s okay. Kendall earns 1-2 million likes for a typical post almost immediately which means the photos related to Estee Lauder are reaching more thanĀ 1-2 million people right away.

While this is just one example of how a business and spokesmodel can effectively use social media to drive sales and revenue, there are many other ways to do it. Success comes from a great relationship and balance between the spokesmodel and company. Even if your business has been holding its own for years, it’s time to develop an attention grabbing image. Visit to find your new face.


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