The Secret Weapon Of Game of War

01 Jan
Picture of Kate Upton at game of Wars

Kate Upton

Nerds rejoice! Over the last few months, you’ve probably noticed quite a few ads for “Game of War” online. Kate Upton has landed the ultimate spokesmodel position for this mobile MMO. Not only does she appear in the ads, but also the game itself. She plays the role of Athena, a character who guides you through quests and battles. Oh, did we mention that the ad campaign budget topped $40 million? When we think of gamers, we think of nerds, but this Game of War campaign has changed our minds. Now we think, “sexy.” ┬áThe right model can change your brand’s image forever. can turn that drab campaign into something everyone wants to see.

So how is Game of War raking in $1 Million+ per day? Is it revolutionary gameplay? Nope. Is it the incredible graphics? Definitely not. Their success can all be attributed to Kate Upton and the ad campaign gurus. If you haven’t seen the commercial before, you should definitely check it out. Since it first aired on Superbowl Sunday back in February, it has been viewed over 7.8 million times on youtube! Now that’s the kind of exposure your business needs.

What makes this spokesmodel‘s success story even greater is knowing the odds of launching a successful mobile app game. Just on the iTunes store alone, there are over 500 new games released per day. In this industry especially, the right people can make or break the campaign. Machine Zone Games (the creators of Game of War) played their cards right and chose the perfect spokesmodel. The success of any business is not only dependent on the amount of money thrown into advertising, but the people involved. In this case, Kate Upton was the correct choice not only because she’s so stunning, but because of her social following before the ads were even seen. Many people downloaded the game because they were Kate Upton fans first.

We are seeing the same success with the Clash of Clans mobile app. Now that Liam Neeson is appearing in ads, their download numbers are rocketing skyward. Remember, a spokesmodel can be the secret weapon of your business’s success. Start browsing models on and grow your following.

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