Generate Buzz For The New Year With Promotional Talent

16 Sep

2012-12-27-photo5Ring in the new year with promotional models to generate buzz for your company. Not only will it bring you more success, but it will create an experience for your future customers. Whether you are preparing for an upcoming trade show or planning a corporate event, promotional talent can give you the extra support you need. Sample promotions, passing out flyers or product demonstrations are three great ways that you can use promotional models to benefit your growing business. End this year with a bang or start planning your first trade show event with Castango for 2018 by promoting your brand utilizing these techniques.

Sample Promotions

This time of year is when everyone enjoys getting together and mingling. What better way to do that than to hire someone to spice up the evening? Turn your party into an exclusive event and have a promotional model pass out drinks or greet your guests. This allows you to walk around and engage in conversation rather than worrying if your guests are entertained. Having promotional talent there will also create a more lively setting for your party. You are now providing a memorable experience for your guest so this would be the best time to really boost up your brand. Have your promotional staff engage and speak highly about your company and brand. As a result this will create long term success for your company.

Pass Out Flyers

Don’t let your next trade show booth go unnoticed. You are much too busy to pass out flyers or gather crowds, so hire promotional talent to do it for you! This can be an extremely beneficial technique for your brand. Person to person contact is an extremely effective approach to getting your audience interested in the product or service that you are offering. If you are a new brand striving to become the talk of a trade show let your audience know where you will be and how you can benefit them before hand, by utilizing social media. If you are in technology, the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show is right around the corner; creating an audience before the show starts is your  secret weapon. This trade show is a huge opportunity to become noticed so create a fan base to start the new year on the right foot.  

Product Demonstrations

promotional_staff_242014-1A Brand Ambassadoris someone who embodies the corporate status into their own identity, appearance, and demeanor. They effectively become the brand.  Hiring a brand ambassador to do product demonstrations is a great way for your company to spread the word at  events. They then become the go-to person when it comes to consumer questions. As your company continues to grow you may find yourself needing more than one to keep up with the traffic and buzz you are generating. Brand Ambassadors can travel and represent your brand allowing you to be at multiple events simultaneously. Impress your audience with talent that is knowledgeable about your brand.

Make your company even more profitable in the long run by investing in a helping hand to make this next year bigger than ever. Think outside the box and create a team to elevate your brand to a new level. No matter what technique you choose to use, from hiring promotional models to passing out flyers your company will benefit greatly. You can create a memorable experience for your audience from your trade show booth to your next event. Get the New Year started on the right foot and position your brand for success! Sign up with Castango now


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