Goodbye Booth Babes, Hello Booth Brains

05 Jan

Booth BrainsThere was time when exhibitors found scantily-clad women with the “right assets” a convenient way to attract trade show attendees to stop at their booth. Smiling faces in body conscious attire seemed to be the perfect formula for success, but these days of attracting low hanging fruit are over. The standards are high now and you must be proficient in communicating, holding a professional demeanor as well as be educated on the brand you are representing. In this blog Castango will explain the history and why the future of trade show event staffing has evolved into something much more professional and efficient.

History of booth babes:
It all started back in the 1930’s where car companies such as Cadillac and
Rolls-Royce hired female models to promote their shiny cars. What better way to show off cars and be intrigued by a woman who is educated with cars as well. The President of Production Plus, Margery Krevsky, was the leader of change to the way trade show models were utilized in the auto show industry. “What was once the standard of having beautiful female model silently draped across—or placed near—the latest automobile model quickly evolved to trade show product specialists- attractive, educated men and women who could speak to the features and benefits of the brand.” –Margery Krevsky 


That was their goal. Time passed by and companies started thinking if women made cars look good maybe they could make other products look good too, thus creating the term “Booth Babes”.  Women began to be hired to wear provocative clothing to sell products and services.  However, that theory proved to be all wrong.  Booth babes have been controversial and slandered for some time now. What made these women attractive was their knowledge about the product at hand not just their good looks. By pigeonholing these women the industry paid the price, by lack of respect and lack of results.  The truth is that trade show models have evolved and are more keen to to being considered “Booth Brains”.

Booth Brains

Companies are looking for Ambassadors who are smart and can share product knowledge while Sirens-of-Chrome-Page-1-300x300maintaining a professional demeanor. Many of the big technology shows like CES are seeking models
to help attendees of the show get educated and become engaged. Having scantily clad women represent your product is distracting and counter-productive. Find the right talent to show up to an event and have the ambition to be dedicated to the task at hand. Cast talent that exudes professionalism and aspiration about your product or service. The goal is to develop long term relationships with your ambassadors beyond the trade show floor. This will save you time to the point that you will not need to find a new ambassador to hire. Commit to someone who is passionate, will assist with sales, aide with follow ups and represent your brand the appropriate way.

Here Is Your Solution:
While you search for ways to make your trade show booth pop and come to life Castango
has made it simple and efficient for companies like you to find the best talent to represent your brand. Not only do you get to save money on high agency fees, but you get to personally choose the talent that you plan to hire. Castango is an on-line marketplace that provides full access to communicate and hire talent on-line direct. Technology has changed the way in which we connect and find things. Don’t judge a book by its cover, make sure the talent you select is more than just a pretty face. You will find value and better results by hiring booth brains at Castango . Sign Up Now!

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