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04 Mar

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At Castango, we want to give your business the tools it needs in order find and hire talent quickly, easily, and affordably. In the past you may have gone through an agency to find a spokesmodel. Maybe you have never used promotional talent for marketing. As a business owner or partner, you might be asking, “Why would I even need to hire a model?” Here are just a few examples of the talent available through Castango, and how these professionals can benefit your company. Keep in mind that many of our models possess a wide array of skills and attributes, and may fall into more than just one of these categories.


We are all familiar with Flo from Progressive, or Jennifer Aniston representing Aveeno. These are two examples of high-level spokesmodels who are paid to not only represent but also speak on behalf of the company. A spokesmodel may appear in print campaigns, television commercials, and in live events. Trade show and event spokesmodels are traditionally models or actors who have excellent communication skills.

Brand Ambassador

The Brand Ambassador is an experienced brand advocate. Finding one for your company means more than simply hiring someone who’s well known in your target market. A good Brand Ambassador will embody the ideals of your companies and he or she will use thoughtful promotional strategies to strengthen the bond between consumers and your product with appearances at trade shows, events, and other community outreach programs.

Atmosphere Model

Atmosphere or Ambiance Models offer a less direct, but just as important approach to promoting your brand’s awareness. The Atmosphere model covers the subconscious strategy to branding awareness. Atmosphere Models are adept at greeting people at social gatherings, keeping the event lively, smiling in photos, and wearing branded clothing. A company might hire Atmosphere Models for a new product’s release party to make sure guests have fun, stay engaged, and subconsciously relate the product to the positive experience. A business might hire these models for a grand opening so that when potential customers see such hip and attractive people in pictures on social media enjoying the space, they will be more likely to give the new business a try.

Product Specialist

The name says it all. These models can learn the ins and outs of your new products incredibly quickly and communicate their knowledge to trade show attendees or event goers. These models aren’t just beautiful faces who talk about your product. An exceptional Product Specialist will engage and get to know attendees. They’ll make personal connections so that prospective customers will not only remember your product after the show, but be able to look back upon the wonderful conversation and human to human connection. Product Specialists can be hired for trade shows, auto shows and demonstrations. As a business owner it’s impossible to tell everyone about your product at once, so let a Product Specialist help you out!

Castango can link your company with any type of model. Our models are also experienced as: College Ambassadors, Presenters, Emcees, Runway Models, Sales Assistants, and Crowd Gatherers. Models are a must at any event or trade show. Whether you are a newly opened mom and pop shop, or already running at world’s largest trade shows, Castango is here to connect you with the best models and talent to represent your brand, grow your business and save your company time and money.

So, let’s get down to it. Have you booked your models yet? Find talent today! 


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