How Increase Your Pay Rate As A Promotional Model

25 Sep

Having the freedom to work for yourself is a great advantage, but one of the biggest complaints a promotional model may express is not making the pay rate they feel they are worth and having to live pay check to pay check. Many people want to make more money, but frequently get stuck working low paying gigs just to pay the bills. How do you break the cycle and start making what you are worth?

Know Your Worth

To make more money you have to know what you are worth. What you start off making when you are new to the business will not be the same pay rate 2, 5 or 10 years down the road. If you are just starting out as a promotional model you will not be able to demand the same rates as an industry veteran promotional model who has worked dozens of shows. But, like any business you must give yourself a raise as your experience grows. To determine your hourly or day rate, you must think of what you bring to the table? Are you college educated? Do you have vast experience in a specific industry? Do you speak multiple languages, or have a strong social following? These are all things to consider. You must be realistic and speak with other professionals in the industry to see where you stand.

Avoid Bottom of the Barrel Jobs

When you are out there looking for work you want to avoid sites like Craigslist where companies can bid your pay rate too low. These sites are free for companies to post so there are very few high paying jobs there. If you want to earn more money as a promotional model look out for professional networks, where companies are willing to invest in their candidates and are willing to pay a premium for access to the best talent. This way money is no longer the determining factor. It becomes about work experience, skills and talent. Professional companies are willing to pay more and invest in talent that will help them achieve their bottom line goals.

Book Work Direct

When you find your own jobs without having to rely on a talent agency or you also avoid high agency fees that eat up half if not more of your paycheck.   This frees up a lot of cash that can now go into your pocket for the hard work you put in. When you build a direct relationship with a company you can easily negotiate your rate and ask for what you deserve. You can find work directly at Castango. If you do an incredible job with one event they may be willing to increase your pay rate as a promotional model  the next time around because they see value in the work you did.

Get Referrals

When you are building your career as a promotional model and are  looking to increase your pay rate, you must tell the world that you are available. The best way to not only get more work but to increase your pay rate are through referrals. Once you have established yourself in the industry you can turn one client into many others who will all know and respect what you do based on honest testimonials. People like working with people they know and trust and will pay a premium to have that piece of mind.

They key is to let the quality of your work speak for itself. When you do a good job, and have the experience and training to back your talent, you will have the confidence to ask for a rate that is best for you and your goals. Only you can determine what you are worth. Do not sell yourself short. Do your research and talk to others to get a clear take on what the industry will bear and then go from there. The sky is the limit! For more information on finding work visit


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