How To Draw More Attention To Your Brand

06 Jun

Exhibiting at Trade Shows or putting on an event are the perfect places to showcase not only your company, but to raise brand awareness and capture leads. How you display your brand will determine how many leads you capture by your marketing strategies. In the grand scheme of things, booking live talent through can take your brand from average to exceptional.

Draw More Attention:

In order to take your company up a notch you cannot be a one man show. Realistically, there are countless things to accomplish pre-show all the way to post-show follow up. Why struggle with making sure the venue or trade show is set up correctly, your guests are happy, and to also make sure you are capturing leads. The ultimate solution is right here, right now! Castango is not just a website that provides talent, we strategically simplify the process of hiring talent to make it better for you. The advanced search option allows you to search for the specific skills you are looking for to help you achieve your goals.



  • Owning a clothing brand may require you to attend a trade show. To draw attention to your booth, hire a promotional model or sales assistant to represent your brand. People are more apt to remembering visual experiences than just reading a pamphlet or listening to a pitch. Clothing is all about experience to target and capture possible leads. Make it modern, research what is trending, and apply those aspects to your booth. Hire live talent to assist with modeling the clothes, writing orders or simply greeting customers when they show interest in your booth and brand. Attention to detail is key.  Hire your talent wisely, they can be remembered as the face of your brand which will drive your brand to success. 


  • If you offer a service such as insurance, live talent can boost your sales by being your Spokesmodel or Brand Ambassador.  If you need video content for your website or advertising campaigns spokemodels have on camera as well as voice over experience. Flo from Progressive is a great example of a spokesmodel that made their brand more than just an insurance service. Companies use trade shows, radio, billboards and commercials to capture new leads. Companies that offer services must use multiple marketing strategies. You have to make your service stand out from the others. Whether you are a small or large company Tradeshow Casting makes it easy to scout and hire this talent to boost brand awareness for your service so your audience has a better understanding.


  • Let’s say your company is doing a series of corporate videos.  Look for talent that specialize in voice overs to raise brand awareness through audio or video content. When you are driving in your car, you may notice a voice that just captures your attention. Not only does Tradeshow Casting provide talent that perform as promotional models for trade shows and events, we also provide specialty skilled artists. Companies use audio and video marketing techniques because it has been proven to be effective for instructional videos for the web and social media. They must hire a voice to BE the brand

No matter what industry you are in, making your brand known is going to take more than a one man show. Invest in a marketing technique that is going to guarantee more leads than you have had before. Draw more attention to your brand by using Castango’s live talent. Post your job and take your brand image to the next level by putting a face to your company image. Connect with talent directly all in one place. Don’t wait any longer. Post your job NOW!

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