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23 Apr
Tradeshow Casting Profile

Tradeshow Casting Profile Sample

As a professional in the trade show and event industry it is critical to have an on-line profile to promote yourself and  build your  brand presence.  Gone are the days of jpg. headshot and resume attachments. Your trade show casting profile is the on-line solution for submitting yourself in the new era.  Your headshot is the most important part of your profile and we have provided 5 key points to help you select the best headshot for your Castango profile.

  1. Do not take the picture yourself.  The truth is – a self-photo or modernly known as “selfies” are unprofessional.
  2. Pick a picture that showcases your face. Remember, your profile calls for a headshot.  Your picture should be of only your head, neck, and a bit of your shoulders.
  3. Keep it simple. Your headshot should be of you, and only you. Do not include objects, pets, or children. Avoid busy backgrounds as well – a solid or faded background is best.
  4. Select a current picture. Do not include a dated picture. Keeping your headshot current is required.  Make sure it showcases your current age, weight and hair color. No surprises.
  5. Be consistent. When developing your professional brand, consistency is key. Therefore, it is a good idea to use the same headshot picture for all your professional and social networking profile pictures.

To get the most out of your Castango profile make sure to share the link on your social networks to promote your page to potential employers. This is a safe way to lead employers back to your professional page and hire your direct!

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