How To Make The Most of Magic Market Week

17 Jul

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If you are immersed in the world of fashion, then you’re probably getting excited for Magic Market Week coming up in August. This year over 60k industry insiders will be present at Magic to pursue eleven different markets. From contemporary fashion for children to men’s and women’s lifestyle focused apparel. Magic offers the hottest trends in the industry. No matter what your motive for attending this year’s Magic Market Week, you’ll want to get everything you can out of the show. Here are tips from Castango on:

‘How to Make the Most of Magic’:

1. Always Be Prepared.

Why are you attending Magic? Are you trying to generate leads for future clients? Are you launching a new product or searching for investors to keep your business moving forward? Are you building your brand and pushing your company’s message out for the world to hear? These are all things to consider and put into perspective before the show. Have a goal and begin with the end in mind!

2. Start Promoting Your Product Early.

You can start promoting your product early by hiring Brand Ambassadors, Trade Show Models, Runway Models, and Celebrity Ambassadors through Tradeshow Casting. You may be wondering what these models and ambassadors can do for you and how to hire them? They can help you to engage socially and build your following on Facebook, twitter and instagram prior to the show. These trade show models and ambassadors can start to generate some buzz via online and word of mouth allowing you to focus on perfecting your product. You can find Brand Ambassadors and more at Castango.

3. Hire Help for the Show.

On the day of the show – According to TSNN, 81% of attendees have buying authority. That’s 4 out of 5 people walking the floor, or around 48k people attending Magic this year. As nice as it would be to discuss your products with everyone and take orders by yourself, it might take a lifetime! Hire help. If you need someone to assist with writing orders and manning your booth you can get a sales assistant for a reasonable daily rate at Castango. Brand Ambassadors are trained to learn your product quickly and are incredibly adept at talking to many prospective buyers over a short period of time. Would you rather go home wishing you could have educated a few more people about your product or how on earth you’ll follow up on all the leads you and your ambassador generated?

It’s a competitive market and you need all of the help you can get to stand out! Most businesses allocate close to 40% of their marketing budget for B2B exhibitions alone.’s talent can help you generate more quality leads, build your company’s brand presence on-line as well as on the trade show floor. Whether you need a model for a runway show, assisted sales support, or a brand ambassador we have a database of professional talent to help you succeed and accomplish your goals.

It’s time to get staffed on trend and ready for Magic Market Week in Las Vegas, NV. We’ll see you on the trade show floor!

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