How To Perfect Your Promotional Model Appearance

07 Mar

When you show up to work at a trade show or event, the first thing an employer will notice is your appearance, so you must be sure to look your best and make a great first impression. This is a key factor and deal breaker between talent and company transactions.  Be aware of what your employer wants your appearance to be. Having open communication prior to the event is the most important aspect of your job.  When in doubt ask!  Companies are overwhelmed and may forget to tell you what to wear. If you are not informed do not be afraid to get the information you need. If you are still stuck, refer back to this blog to get some helpful tips. The trade show model wardrobe can vary from business attire to sporty attire, cocktail  attire, to even swim attire. Castango believes, having a clear understanding of what to wear will make your first day a success and will give you a better understanding of what the company is trying to convey.

Business Attire

Portrait of a young attractive business woman.There is a trade show for practically every product or service you can imagine.  Even companies that sell insurance go to trade shows and the truth is, they need you.  Promotional models and talent help to promote the product or service with poise and knowledge. Once you are hired the first question you may ask yourself is “what am I going to where?” This is where communication with your employer is vital.

  • Typical business attire is very conservative and dark in colors such as black and grey. A business suit with closed toed heels to a nice dress shirt with a classy tie, are considered business attire. You will need to have this in your wardrobe to be a success. Looking professional is what will make you stand out and get hired again.  When it comes to makeup keep it light. You can see everything under the lighting on the trade show floor.


  • Some events are outdoors or more casual in nature.  Like music festivals and sporting events.  Companies will sometimes provide a branded t-shirt. Typical matching sports attire is black and white. You could be asked to wear khakis with a polo shirt or if it is for something more active you could be asked to wear yoga pants a tank top, and tennis shoes in black or white. Make sure to ask your employer what is expected. It would be a catastrophe if you showed up with the wrong look for the brand. Keep your make fresh and clean.

Nightlife Attire Models for events - website bb

  • As an atmosphere model at a nightclub or working a special event you will be asked to wear nightlife attire. This is generally a classy black cocktail dress with black high heels. For a male, it could be a nice fit suit with a button down shirt. It all depends on the company. Never assume what your employer wants you to wear, be sure to ask. Girls, can be a bit more dramatic with the make up, but don’t over do it. Definitely utilize this time to get dolled up, but still maintain class. Men, keep it clean cut unless directed otherwise.


  • In summer when pool season is in full effect, you will need swimwear to be prepared for that outdoor event.  From Spring break to pool parties, there are many reasons to have swimwear ready to go.  Wedges are the best looking shoe with woman’s swim attire. Flip flops are typical for men. Make sure you keep it within the color asked by your employer. If they do not specify, black is the go-to color. Make sure your swimwear is tasteful and presentable. Be mindful of what type of brand you are representing and when in doubt…ask!

It is best to research the company online and see what their business is all about to get a head start. If it is a company such as Hawaiian Tropic, you will be in swim attire. If it is a business such as Allstate Insurance it will be business attire. Be conscious of your appearance because you are a representation of the brand you are working for. The most difficult decision is what to wear, but if you follow these guidelines you will be ahead of the game. Be prepared, look the part, and confident, ready to work! 

For more tips and tricks for the event industry, sign up with Castango now! 

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  1. Thanks for your comment about how you should use dark colored business clothes as a trade show model. I like how you said that makeup shouldn’t be too heavy either. If someone was considering hiring models for an event, I would assume that they would consider his post to know good qualifications.

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