#instafamous – Guide To Getting Noticed

24 Jun

The media loves to talk about overnight successes. Some people just get lucky, maybe. It’s no secret. Be careful what kinds of photos you post on social media, because they could change your life.  Ask Matthew Noszka – a kid from Pittsburgh.


When Matthew Noszka posted on Instagram, a shirtless photo of himself next to a deck he had built, he received a direct message from a representative with a renowned talent agency called Wilhelmina Models. He went from Instagram on a construction site to the possibility of a real modeling job on the catwalk. One of the first things the agency wanted was more photos. Not just any photo, but shirtless photos. Coming from a construction background and waiting tables at a restaurant, Matthew found this request to be out of character for him. When Matthew found out this may be a normal request for models, he submitted a few photos and within an hour booked his first gig with Nike.

Take a look at his interview with Ellen DeGeneres here: here.

Not all of us can be a “Matthew Noszka” and that’s okay. For the rest of us, we need to work like crazy just to get ourselves noticed. The likelihood of getting “discovered” overnight is frighteningly slim. While the media likes to cover these success stories like crazy it is extremely important to remember that this is not the norm.

Here are some tips to get casted on instafamous:

1. Promote your headshot.

Related: Is your headshot the reason you’re not get call-backs? Upload a professional photo for your online profile on Castango.

2. Create a niche

It’s good to have a thing. Patrick Janelle has over 381K followers created #dailycurtado hashtag, which encourages people to share their coffee excursions.

3. Update Frequently but not too often.

4. Know how to use hashtags. One common mistake is using hashtags properly. Hashtags are used for searching common interest. Make sure people can find you using your hashtag.

Here are a few examples

#bestoftheday: 154440681

#modeling: 3046860

#castmemarc: 147245

#selfie: 288537277

#nomakeup: 16274991

#topmodel: 927172

#styleoftheday: 501630

5. Never ask for someone to follow you.

It’s the most annoying thing. Instead be part of a community. People will start to notice if you start commenting. Also participate in the local instagram community in your area. Find an instameet near you –

Castango is here to help you get started. While Matthew Noszka got a lucky break through social media, many other models were ‘noticed’ out in the wild. Creating a profile with Castango and booking a gig at a convention may seem far away from landing an ad with Nike and gaining exposure on national television, but it’s a start. You never know who might show up to your gig and see that you’re perfect for the new billboard campaign. Or who may be trolling through the site and simply see you! Anna Ewers picture was discovered on a blog, Bianca Balti working in a grocery store, Giselle Bundchen while eating at McDonalds. Models are discovered in so many different ways. So create an account with Castango and put yourself out there!

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