Its Not About What You Know, Its “Who” You Know | Social networking

26 Sep

The trade show and event industry is all about networking and getting your name out there. Being professional, educated and punctual are keys to success. It’s not necessarily what you know about the industry, it’s who you know and the relationships you acquire. Making an imprint on everybody that you meet is going to make your career sky rocket. Castango believes, being the absolute best for the brand you are representing will have an immense and life changing impact on your future jobs.

Word of Mouth

Have you ever said “Yes, I know someone just right for that job.” Well, those words could land you
your next big job. Make sure you speak to others with the utmost respect and present yourself with o-TALKING-INTO-EAR-facebookpoise. When you are working a convention or event, have a positive attitude towards each person that 
you come across. You could be speaking to your future employer and not even know it. Be humble, but be confident and make your audience feel comfortable approaching you. Coming off like a snob can create a negative first impression. All eyes are on you including other vendor’s. In an event atmosphere, networking is what it is all about. Vendors, exhibitors, and attendees talk about other booths, how they are set up, and who is representing them. Make a good impression and your booth will be the talk of the show.

Body Language

Your body language can affect the way your audience perceives you. If a friend of your employer is approaching the booth and they see you with your arms crossed with a smirk on your face, this is not good. You could possibly lose a client that way. When you perform at an industry event stand tall with your shoulders back and a huge smile. You will radiate confidence and this is what the brand looks for. Present yourself with purpose, being positive and focused. From afar your future employer will look at you and think, “Wow, I would hire this model again with no doubt!” It could be your first time promotional modeling but that does not matter. Creating trust with your boss and everybody in the industry will create a buzz and people will be asking for you to work at their booth!


Businessman and businesswoman shaking hands in the hall

Embodying the brand you represent will make you exude a powerful energy. Create an atmosphere for the booth you are representing. This will generate a buzz and attendees will be stopping by just to see what everyone is raving about. Network while you work! Talking to your audience and getting personal will force people to want to know more about you and what you do. If an attendee or vendor hands you their business card, take it and follow up with them. As an independent contractor you have the ability to talk and connect with potential new clients. Be personable and approachable because in the long run you will make a good impression and be utilized by that company or another. Working your first trade show or event is the beginning of your career. Once you continue working year after year your name will get around so create a good reputation that will follow you.

Powerful people attend these events so remember to act accordingly the next time you are hired for a gig. Walk tall and proud, exude confidence, but be humble. Captivate your audience and draw them in with your professionalism, smile and how you carry yourself. Talk to as many people as you can. Don’t let them leave without remembering your name. It’s not what you know, but who you know within the business that will move you up the ladder of success in the trade show and event industry. Join Castango and start booking jobs and traveling to more places, meeting new faces!


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