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16 Jun
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It’s time to upgrade your human operating system by using Castango

You didn’t choose freelancing because you like to work nine to five, wait for an agent to provide you information for a casting call while consuming a hot pocket in the break room every day at lunch. Since you’re getting the most out of life not being cooped up inside a cubicle all day, you might as well get the most out of your modeling career! You have taken the first step and created an account with Castango, you are already on your way. There are still many ways you can maximize your effectiveness and mobilize your freelancing career. Here are a few a options for increasing your marketable value and round out some less than well-rounded corners. It’s time to upgrade your human operating system by signing up with!



Communication is key when it comes to freelancing in any form. Doing your best to answer your emails, texts, or messages quickly will ensure you get gigs in the future. You’re probably saying, “Duh,” but the importance of punctual communication cannot be overstated. Waiting on a message from a potential client for too long could cause them to seek out another model who answers his/her emails faster. You know the saying the early bird gets the worm.

Keep Networking

After the show, gig, or event has commenced your work is over, right? Wrong! Be sure to hand out business cards or send a thank you email to everyone involved in the production. You can keep it brief and to the point, but making that tiny extra effort can potentially generate many future gigs. If a photographer, director, or business owner enjoyed working with you, why not let them know you’re available for work in the future?

Social Media

Why do you think companies invest so many dollars in their social media strategy? Because it is the future. Companies now utilize Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram to capture their audience and you should too. Ever heard of the word instafamous? That should be you.


The modern world is screaming by now. At no time in human history has innovation and technology developed at such a blistering pace. People in all occupations can feel it’s unapologetic velocity. The world is infinitely vast and fascinating and thanks to the power of the internet we can better equip ourselves for navigating it with our fingers, eyes and minds. If it’s a European language that you need to level up then DuoLingo is your new best friend. They don’t offer Asian languages yet but they offer fun interactive learning models and a mobile app so you can learn in a train, plane, cab, Uber, Lyft … you get it.

What is cutting-edge and relevant today may be obsolete and useless tomorrow. Exciting for phones, scary for humans. You too are in constant need of upgrades to remain compatible, useful and market relevant. Now get in there and start making upgrades! Sign up with Castango now!

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