Live Talent – The Way of The Future

07 Mar

The trade show and event industry is booming. Booths are getting bigger and better every year. Utilizing live talent is the golden ticket to success for your business. Nothing can match the impact of person to person contact. Humans remember things by the 5 senses:Lcdoypy9i

  1. sight
  2. hearing
  3. taste
  4. touch
  5. smell

When you come in contact with someone you fulfill 4 of your senses. By having a live representation at your booth or event to speak about your product will attract more attendees. Live talent also educates others about your product or service while you network and mingle. Choose your talent wisely to attract more attendees and see successful results from your event. There is an abundance of reasons why live talent is right for you!

Choose Wisely

Take your time while choosing your talent. Castango has made finding talent simple. Utilize the advanced search option to find the exact match for your brand. Make sure your talent is properly trained before hitting the trade show floor. Your live talent can make or break the image of your brand. Take a look at our blog The Evolution of Brand ambassadorship to become more aware of the impact of your talent. Make live talent on the top of your priority list when preparing to present your brand or service. Your main goal is to attract more attendees, gather leads and hear positive feedback. 

Attract More Attendees

Visually, your booth needs to attract the customers eye. Preparing your booth can certainly be a stressful situation and utilizing your live talent will take any added stress off of your plate! Have your talent pass out business cards or make it fun and create a drawing or contest. This will make people remember your booth by making it interactive. This is where live talent comes in handy! They can be creating the experience while you mingle with potential customers. Start advertising your event on social media prior to your trade show or event. This will give your audience a heads up to come and visit your booth or event.

Have Successful Results

Giving your talent direct instructions on what you expect to avoid any miscommunication. Making sure to let your talent know what to wear, what to be educated on, and what to bring is key to a successful experience with your talent. At the end of your event or trade show, sending a courtesy email to possible leads or attendees will give you vital feed back. Creating a small survey or questionnaire will allow you to see how much your live talent that booked through Castango impacted your brand. Include questions on their reaction to your booth, how informational your talent was, and their overall experience.

3D successful business group with arm up - isolated

If you are happy with your live talent utilize them again! This will create relationships between your brand and your audience. Keep your talent educated, express your expectations and have open communication. Choosing your talent wisely will attract new leads which will result in a successful event. Refer back to The Power of Good Company to get more tips and tricks in the trade show and event industry. Follow Castango on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for up to date news and blogs. Also, keep an eye out for our featured talent on Castango website.

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