Maintain a Healthy Body For Summer Gigs

30 Mar

Summer is around the corner and preparing your body for outdoor events and pool season can be stressful. Whether you are booked to work liquor promotions, a trade show or special event, you must always look your best for summer gigs. Detox your body, keep active and maintain a healthy mind. Whether you are trying to get into shape or boost your confidence having a plan is necessary to see fast results. Castango has some tips and tricks for you to follow while on your summer fitness journey.

The first step to detoxing your body is to purify what you eat. Stay dedicated and motivated. Try an all juice diet. Purchase a  juicer, like Breville and consume solely organic fruits and vegetables, dark greens preferably. Try this for a week and you will see amazing results. Not only will you loose weight, you will notice that you are not as tired as usual and will feel and look your best. What you eat affects your energy level, the condition of your skin and your overall health. With the weather changing make sure to take a multivitamin and a vitamin C supplement daily to keep your immune system up.

The second step is to make time out of your busy schedule to work out. Whether you enjoy running, taking long walks, pilates or going to the gym make sure you are staying active. This is going to continue the detoxing process. Take a trip to the sauna or steam room which will detox your body in the best way. If you are brave try the hot pilates or hot yoga. 15 million americans, on average, do yoga because it revitalizes your mind, body and soul. You will sweat out all of your toxins and feel immediate results. That will really kick start your progress. Don’t give up when it gets tough, because it will. Staying active combined with a diet change will make you feel more energetic and ready for your booked schedule.

A healthy mind is a healthy body so make sure to keep positive thoughts.  Never put yourself down. Always look at the beauty within. The more you do this the better you will feel. Keep meditating and relaxing in between events. This is a fast paced industry so make sure to fit some down time in your schedule. This will prevent you from getting sick as well. If you run your body down too much your immune system will go down. Sleep is important so if you have to start going to bed earlier than normal do so. You will be thankful later on. Trade shows and events require you to exude a ton of energy and sometimes be on your feet for 8 hours throughout the event. Make sure to pamper yourself as well. Get a massage or go to the chiropractor to keep your body aligned and in tip top shape.

Make these tips a habit. Changing your diet, staying active and keeping a positive outlook will make a huge impact on your body. Swimsuit season is coming up so start your preparations today to get hired where you want for summer gigs. This industry is extremely competitive so make sure to stay ahead of the curve. Always keep in mind that everyones body is different. If you already have a ritual or tips that you’d like to share please comment below.

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