The Many Faces of Tradeshow Talent

09 Sep

spokesmodelThere are many different faces in the tradeshow and event industry, with different titles. It can sometimes be confusing understanding exactly just who does what.  We have broken down all of the different types of tradeshow and event talent to have a better understanding of their titles, job description, and responsibilities.


A model that is a spokesperson for a product or brand.  They are attractive, well spoken and knowledgeable. Often times representing a cosmetic line, food product, or insurance provider.  Seen in commercials, on the tradeshow floor, or in print campaigns.

Brand Ambassador:

A person employed to promote the product or services of a company with an activity called “branding”.  Embodies the corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, values and ethics.  Upbeat, energetic and personable.

Promotional Model:

A person who is hired to drive consumer demand for a product, brand, service or concept by interacting directly with potential customers.  They are attractive and personable and often times representing liquor companies, sports brands and entertainment companies

Product Specialist


A person responsible for understanding the technical development, specifications, functions and position of a product throughout it’s lifecycle.  They assimilate information and can train customers, vendors or associates with ease.  Very well spoken, articulate and attractive. Often times representing automobile and electronic companies with very technical features.product-demonstrator

A person hired to demonstrate a specific product at a tradeshow, event or in-store presentation.  They have extensive product knowledge and understand the workings and use of a product.  You will often see them at electronic or food shows where they can prepare or use a product in front of an audience.  They are entertaining, engaging and work well with their hands.


A person who is responsible for presenting a rehearsed speech about a product or service before a live audience.  They are very articulate, intelligent and well spoken.  They have a very professional demeanor and comedic timing with the ability to engage with a live audience and keep their attention.  They typically represent electronic, automobile and appliance companies.

Crowd Gatherer:

A person who is hired to increase booth traffic with their unique personality, enthusiasm and energy.  They scan badges; pass out promotional products and literature to consumers with a smile.  You will find crowd gatherers at events with very high volume.  They will also pull a crowd for product demonstrations put on by narrators throughout the day.


A person who is the master of ceremonies and runs exhibitions and contests.  They are extremely outgoing, have vibrant personalities, and are great at improvisation.  They can embody the brand and help entertain and engage customers.  You will often see them running live demos and game giveaways at sporting events, concert venues at experiential events.

Atmosphere Model:

A person hired to fill a room. Often times attractive and personable used to make a party or event look exciting and well attended. Atmosphere models are most often used at nightclubs and corporate events with large capacities.  They are very friendly and have a welcoming personality, making attendees feel comfortable.

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