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23 Jun


“Back when I was your age, we couldn’t just google it.”  If you’ve uttered these words to a millennial before, don’t worry, you’re not alone. As much as millennials are known for needing instant gratification, they can also be exceptionally effective marketers. is a job board, but we also speak millennial.  If you are seeking a model from this generation, Castango is your answer. And if you’re not, here are three reasons to hire a millennial for your next trade show or event.

Tech Savvy

Yes, you’ve heard this one before, but for good reason. Millennials have grown up with technology that Gen Xer’s and Baby Boomers had to learn well into adulthood. What this means for your ad campaign is that the nineteen year old intern you hired might just save the day when your audio doesn’t work for your latest presentation. Millennials also make excellent trade show and event models for this reason. They know their way around technology and more importantly aren’t afraid of it. That confidence, as you already know, goes a long way when generating leads.


No Reservations

Just like Anthony Bourdain, Millennials are not afraid to speak their minds, to be direct, or in other words be frank. When they have ideas, they will make them clear and make sure that those ideas are heard. GenXer’s and Boomers will occasionally see this candor as impolite, however these ideas and suggestions can quickly streamline processes or be quick, simple solutions to unavoidable problems.



Especially at a trade show or event, multitasking is a relevant skill to have. If you are looking for a model who can answer questions while passing out swag and making sure the slideshow runs smoothly, you guessed it, hire a Millennial. Not only have Millennials grown up multitasking, they are also known for their multifaceted skills or “liquid talent.” This translates into the age group working effectively across many departments.


When you want to hire the most effective models for your next event or trade show, consider Millennials. Castango can link you with highly professional millennial models. All you have to do is sign-up with Castango and start browsing.


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