Models, Don’t Make These Mistakes!

04 Jun


Don’t spoil your career before it even starts! Modeling is obviously an incredible career, however things can turn ugly fast if your best foot isn’t always forward. If you can avoid these rookie mistakes, your job can take you to great heights. So what can you do to continue #castingadream – Castango? Read on!

Expecting Discovery

Whether you live in a small town or big city, waiting around and expecting to be discovered can be detrimental to your career. As you already know, modeling takes hard work. Yes, occasionally it happens, as you’ve probably heard of some famous model bagging groceries one day and then being whisked off to Europe to make millions the next. This is the exception, and not the rule.  In order to make it to the top you’ll need to work to get there. Remember, it’s a job, not a vacation. Don’t let your talent go to waste; put yourself out there! Make connections, land gigs, do your homework, and success will come.

I Won’t Do That!

Carla dIt’s absolutely important to have boundaries, but refusing to try something new or out of your comfort zone can quickly pigeonhole your career. If you asked Cara Delavinge if she enjoys spiders crawling across her face, she’d probably say no. That didn’t stop her from landing a 2012 cover photo of i-D Magazine by posing with an enormous tarantula on her face.

Refusing to do a job because it’s unnerving can hold you back. It is not all glitz and galmour.  Being a model can require long hours, uncomfortable climates and conditions, so keep an open mind and be willing to try something new!

They’re Here For Me

Thinking that the cameras, lights, make-up artists, and everything else is there because of you will quickly land you a lousy reputation. Modeling is a job and you are hired in order to sell a product for a business. There are plenty of models out there, and going into a shoot or a job with an arrogant attitude is a recipe for disaster. They can easily find another model to fill your shoes. Going in to a job with an open mind and friendly attitude will enable you to make lasting connections with employers and photographers. Being humble, polite, and ready to work will benefit your career immensely. So remember it’s you who’s there for them!

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Are there any modeling mistakes you’ve encountered?  We want to hear from you in the comments below.  


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