Modernize your Brand Building Strategy

09 Jun

Modernize your brand building strategy

Perhaps your business is just dipping its toes into the waters of an industry. Maybe it has been riding the surge of the marketplace for many years. Old or new, marketing has drastically changed over the years and there’s no denying it. With Facebook being the “most popular” media outlet without creating its own content and Uber being the “largest” taxi company without owning any cars. Something interesting is going on, but what is it? Branding! Is your brand well defined? As a company, you’ll have to ask yourself many important questions in order to create the brand that best represents you and your product. Start giving buyers something to remember you by signing up with

3 Key Questions to Think About When Building Your Brand Strategy:

1. What Is Your Emotional Appeal?

Take into account your personality and how it is woven into the fabric of your business. What makes you stand apart from the competition on a personal level? Make a list of keywords that describe you and your business. While building your brand from the ground up or redefining your brand to gain more success, keep this list handy. When you hire people to represent your company, work with a graphic artist to create a logo, or plan the launch of your newest product, this list will ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal. This example is quite obvious, but most often overlooked. McDonalds appeals emotionally to kids. Between Ronald the clown, Happy Meals that come with a toy, and the Play place inside the restaurant, kids are ecstatic to go. Even though McDonalds sells food, they appeal to their young customers with atmosphere.

2. How Can I Engage Customers?

This is often the bottom line for any business. Engaging customers translates into sold products/services. This question can be tricky because the answer is always changing. Social media is one fantastic way to engage customers because it is such a multifaceted medium. You can reach out broadly or target specific demographics just as easily. The trick is finding the right social media platform. One example is Estee Lauder’s success on Instagram. When Kendall Jenner officially became their spokesmodel, they gained 50k users nearly overnight. Now when they want to tell the public about a new product all they have to do is post a photo. Their millions of followers will see it immediately and be able to interact with company at the same time. We can also take a look at what 7 Up did to draw attention at EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) in Las Vegas. They used the hashtag #7x7Up to promote seven DJ’s playing at seven different festivals. By doing so they engaged an entire community with just one hashtag.

3. How Do I Choose The Right People To Represent My Company?

Remember that list you made? Now is the time to pull it out. Brand Ambassadors, Spokesmodels and Promotional Talent are being used more and more to help companies build their brand on-line and at events. When you are looking for a talented spokesmodel to engage an audience or work a booth at a trade show, make sure the person/people you hire fit your brand. makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your company and vision. Regardless of industry or demographic you can find the perfect match for your company and build your brand presence.

Brand building strategy is the single most important next to the product. Make sure yours is on point by joining Castango.

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