Modernize Your Trade Show Experience

18 Jul


Modernizing your trade show experience is essential to keep up with a fast paced and ever changing industry. Trade shows are a great way to promote your business and generate buzz, but figuring out how to create an experience and represent your company the modern way takes some work.  Times have changed and trade shows are not the same as they were years ago. Doing your research, utilizing social media, and creating a memorable experience for your audience are huge factors in generating leads and building your business in a modern way.

What Is Trending?


Let’s begin by researching what is trending. Depending on your targeted audience or what is going on in your industry, potential customers will respond to whatever is most popular or “trending.” Determining what your audience is thinking about can lead to success at the trade show as well as in your business. Doing research on the these trends and incorporating them into your plan will benefit you greatly. Creating a booth based on the expected demographic of your audience will help you attract the right crowd. Taking into consideration the booths around you will also help you plan ahead and stand out from the rest. Having a unique idea or strategy that resonates with your audience will help you optimize your trade show experience. So make sure to plan ahead.

Utilize Social Media.

imagesHow many people do have social media accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn these days? Everyone!  This generation feeds off of social media interaction so you must use it to your advantage. People always want the latest news on a company’s product or services, so building your social media to advertise can really take your company to the next level with minimal expense. Design a contest to promote your brand and gain new followers. The more active your followers are on social media the higher potential you have to convert them to customers at your next event. Promote your company before the trade show or event starts and as a result you will generate a buzz in advance. We rely heavily on technology so having a strong social media campaign will allow your brand to reach a broad audience quickly and modernize your exposure.

Create A Customized Experience.

Take your time planning the design of your booth and hiring the right team, like Pro Exhibits to help you execute on your vision. When the planning is done, the last part is to focus on who will be working at your booth and interacting with attendees and your potential customers.  This is an important part, because having the right person representing your brand can make or break the experience.  Hiring a promotional model or brand ambassador to represent your company is a smart idea and will benefit the overall experience at your booth. 

Castango is the modern way to discover talent that is the right fit for your company— you can hire talent on-line direct, based on industry, experience and view current photos to help make the best decision. Once you have an appealing booth, attendees will follow. Technology is an extension of the modern human being and having an interactive way for your audience to engage with their smart-phone or tablet is taking your booth to the next level. Creating a memorable experience for your audience with these tips will help your company be the talk of the show.

Now that we have covered a few ways to modernize your approach to trade shows and events, make sure you record all of your data after the show. You will see in numbers how greatly these tips impact the outcome of your trade show experience. Having clear metrics will help with execution and future events.  Start modernizing your old ways today by signing up with Castango and move up the ladder of success in your company.

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