Why You Need Talent At Your Next Event

18 Jul

Trade shows and events provide a perfect platform for companies to promote their business before a live and captive audience. These events draw targeted groups of people together to one place. This allows companies to have face-to-face interaction with potential customers or clients, which is far more effective than any other traditional advertising. So what can you do you make this interaction worthwhile and relevant? By utilizing live talent.   Here is why:

  • Break The IceFullSizeRender

Often time’s people attend events alone as a representative of their company or business. It can be daunting meeting hundreds of new people on a daily basis and social anxiety may set in. Hired talent can help break the ice as they are professionally trained to engage and interact with a variety of people and personalities. Whether you hire a brand ambassador to speak with your customers or a host to greet guests their first impression counts and hiring a pro to help assist is a smart move.

  • Entertain Your Guests  

IMG_3020If you are hosting a private party or corporate event it is vital to have some sort of entertainment to keep your guests busy and having fun. There is a variety of talent out there ready to make an impact. Some popular choices are to hire professional dancers, a magician, aerialists or a music act. You want to keep the energy and conversation upbeat and ongoing. Talent will have everyone talking and most of all remembering your special event.

  • Make a Lasting Impression

In this day and age of information overload it’s important to make a lasting impression with prospective customers. By hiring live talent you can not only communicate with your audience, but also build activations and demonstrations to help engage more effectively and create an experience they will remember. There are a variety of things you can do to create a buzz and leave a lasting impression.


  • Create a Social Buzz                

Technology has changed the game, especially during events. People want to share their experience real time and communicate via social platforms like twitter and Instagram. Hiring a brand ambassador can be your social influencer tweeting on your behalf, or motivating your customers to do the same in real time. This can create a social buzz before, during and even after your event.

All in all, hiring talent will help make your event a success. Let the pros do what they do best and build your brand presence. It’s not what people say or do, but how you make them feel that they will remember. To find talent in your area to help assist at your next trade show or event visit Tradeshow Casting today.


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