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02 Jul
Tradeshow Casting

Christie Beran for Castango

In Part one of our blog series we discuss the importance of a professional headshot. If you missed it, click HERE. Here is the second part of our series.

It’s Not “Just” a Headshot – It’s The New Handshake


The headshot is your business/calling card to the industry and can open many doors. MANY.  Take a hard look at your headshot and be honest.

  • Are the pictures on your Castango profile up to date?
  • Were they taken by a professional photographer specifically for booking work?
  • Do they reflect the very best you have ever looked?
  • Does your photo capture your best features and true personality?
  • Is the lighting, color, and background correct?
  • Certainly, you have seen professional headshots of others, does yours match up?

If your answer to any of these questions in ‘NO’, then you need a new and/or professional headshot.  For some, this may be the first time you are hearing this. If it is, once you get a professional headshot you will notice the difference and industry standards!

So now, you may saying to yourself, okay it’s time to ask my best friend to take some photos of me at Starbucks with her new Samsung Galaxy, right? Wrong! Sure, the camera might have many megapixels, and she might occasionally snap a great photo, but let’s face it, the real reason you want her help is because it’s FREE!!

Well, now you have an opportunity to get a free  Professional Headshot now at While there’s nothing wrong with letting friends hone their photography skills on you, do you really want future job opportunities to depend on an amateur photo? A professional headshot is your livelihood, your business cardyour handshake. And, employers know the difference. Trust Us. Talent Agencies do not accept amateur photos as they know that if you did not take time to sit for a professional headshot that you are not serious about your career. has the same standards and we are willing to help you become successful. The first step is the Free Professional Headshot we offer right now in the Las Vegas area.

Another important reason for getting a professional and current headshot is the fact that your photo can be touched up to blot out issues with skin, shadows, under eye bags or any other irregular feature that may not show up well in the photo. It’s more than just retouching or adding a filter on Instagram. A professional photographer knows how to add depth in the right places and bring more focus to your stunning features. Your next employer may be scrolling through hundreds of head shots every day trying to find the perfect model to represent their new line at a trade show so you want to make the best first impression. A professional headshot will do that!

Don’t get passed up for Magic Market Week, 2015, CES 2016 & Sundance 2016 because your photo is not professional or dated. While it can be expensive, it is important to think of a headshot as an investment in your career, in yourself. It’s more than just a profile photo; it’s what gets you hired. Get the natural, sharp, bright look casting directors are looking for. We want you to succeed at Castango and beyond!

Castango is offering, you an opportunity to update your headshot or to get one for the first time ever. Your headshot is your first impression, a firm handshake that says you take yourself and your work seriously. No more excuses! Get started today with Castango for free and get casting calls tomorrow.

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