Performers Looking For Part Time Work

27 Sep

Talent, let’s be honest. If you don’t land a gig, you don’t get paid. The event industry can be hard to keep a stable income unless you are hired regularly or with a show that is consistent. So what do performers do in the meantime? You can supplement your income with a second job, wait tables, sign up with freelance companies, or even use your savings in the meantime. Tradeshow Casting has a better solution for you! The trade show industry is a fun and easy way for performers such as singers, dancers, or actors to supplement their income in the gig economy. Not only do we provide safe jobs, it can easily become a reliable source for finding gigs fast without paying any agency is the future of staffing.

Where To Begin

EmploymentNewspaperThere are several different avenues you can take while waiting for your next gig. Freelance companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb are different ways to make some extra cash. You can get a temporary job waiting tables, but at the end of the day you are talent. Being able to supplement your income in the same industry is ideal! Promotional work is quick and easy money. Companies need live talent for liquor promotions, music festivals, industry trade shows and much more. Trade shows are great gigs to land because they are usually a couple days in length and pay very well. If you don’t know where to find gigs or you don’t want to pay the high agency fee’s, is your guide.

Save Time Gain Money

[models]019If you are a dancer, singer, or performer of any kind you know that agencies love to grab you any chance they get. Th problem is, you are not even guaranteed the work. Talent is rotated and not given a fair chance to get hired. Companies don’t have the chance to hand pick who they want on their team. Tradeshow Casting revolutionized the staffing process for promotional talent and performers. There are no hidden agency fee’s and companies are able to connect with you direct all in one place! We take pride in our talent so we assure safety. Unlike craigslist, we know that our hiring companies are legitimate and safe to work for. Part time work for performers can be the perfect way to still  continue doing what you love.

Don’t just settle for something you don’t truly enjoy doing. Once you’re a performer, entertaining is what you are focused on doing. With you can utilize your skills to continue doing what you love between gigs. It can be a struggle in this industry, but booking gigs in advance will give you more consistency. Creating great relationships with your future employers is important as well so they ask you to work for them again. You can make your go-to place to look for and find work.  

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