Rafael Nadal — The Perfect Face For TF

08 Jan
Rafael Nadal Tommy Hilfiger Spokesmodle | Trade Show Casting

Rafael Nadal has become Tommy Hilfiger’s newest spokesmodel. He’s got the looks and right attitude for the company. Nadal will be modeling for the underwear, tailored campaigns, as well as the TH Bold fragrance, but will also continue to dominate the Tennis scene as he currently sits at eighth in the world. While we all might want to step into Rafael’s shoes to get a taste of the red carpet and victory at the highest level, his job is no easy feat. Just like any incredible spokesmodel, Nadal’s days are not spent lounging around just looking good for Tommy Hilfiger.

Although Rafael is still immersed in the competition season, he finds time to be the perfect global brand ambassador. Recently, for promotional purposes, Nadal played a game of strip-tennis against other Hilfiger models. He is such a dedicated spokesmodel and ambassador for doing this Hilfiger promotion just a week before the United States Open Championships. Of course Nadal was the victor of the strip-tennis matches emceed by Jane Lynch. Rafael is not just the face and voice, or rather body, of Tommy Hilfiger, he’s also a consultant to Mr. Hilfiger.

Rafael and Mr. Hilfiger talked at great length about what type of underwear Rafael would actually wear before the campaign started. This was an incredibly effective move on Hilfiger’s part. Just as any company should do with their spokesmodel or ambassador, Hilfiger introduced Nadal to the creative process, which in turn made the campaign such a success. Brand ambassadors can do their very best when they are involved with the product they are promoting. Not only can a company benefit from the feedback given from the spokesmodel, but the model can do a better job of promoting when they are excited about a product that they would wear or use themselves. The days of models standing silently next to products while a CEO reads bullet points off of a powerpoint are long gone.

Think about how a spokesmodel could benefit your company. The Nadal and Hilfiger partnership is a prime example of both parties fulfilling their duties to achieve success. Tommy Hilfiger has found the perfect face for his brand in 2015. Sign up with to find yours.

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