Savvy Summer Tips for Healthy Skin

13 Jun


As we all know summer is approaching and the sun is shining bright. Talent is needed and your calendars are getting booked with events! Keep in mind the location and conditions of the event you are working. If the venue is outside, the sun and heat could cause serious damage. There are several key tips to prevent any damage to your skin and body. Spokesmodels, brand ambassadors and the like, put these tips into action in order to stay healthy during the summer months.

For the love of lemon:

LiqourGlovesSummer is booming with liquor promotion opportunities. Companies need talent like you to represent their brand. A majority of the time you will be sampling products and drinks for your audience to try. If you are using any citric acid such as lemon or lime while serving drinks outdoors, the sun’s UV rays combined with that causes discoloration of the skin. It has been known to damage the skin’s pigmentation. To prevent this, use a bartender’s glove on the hand that is used most to block and protect it from the citrus. 

Agua por favor:


Companies are at their peak during summer time. Events are happening, festivals are trending, brand ambassadors are busy working these venues. Most of the time the events are outdoors and you will be walking around constantly. Not only will you be talking to people, passing out flyers, or even taking pictures, you are exerting a lot of energy and your body and it needs to be hydrated. Real Water is great for replenishing your thirst as well as balancing the Ph acidity in your body. Staying hydrated will help you maintain healthy skin. Put the best liquids and food in your body to stay nourished and energized. During the event it is smart to snack on almonds or something small incase you get too busy that you cannot take a long lunch break. What you put into your body is what you will get out. The goal is to be the best you can be at what you do. Eat right, gain energy and don’t leave for your next gig without a couple bottles of Real Water.

Protect your skin:

AveenoSunscreenDepending on the setting of your event it is important to stay prepared. You may have been scheduled to shoot inside, but end up outside interviewing people. Always carry some sort of sunscreen in your bag! If you are used to tanning and your skin is naturally dark, keeping it protected is still a necessity. Keep Aveeno’s Protect and Hydrate cream in your bag. Not only will it keep your skin protected from the sun it will also hydrate your skin at the same time! Nothing hurts worse than dry skin or a sun burn after a long day at work. If you do get burned, treat your skin with aloe vera right after the event.  It will cool you down quickly.


The summer months can be brutal if you are not prepared. The sun and heat can be damaging to your skin long term if you don’t take these preventative measures early. Follow these simple tips to assure healthy skin for years to come. The promotional industry is at it’s peak in the summer and talent like you are needed! is here to educate and guide you into the right direction. Put these savvy summer tips to use at your next gig! Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions on how to beat the heat for other talent like you!


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