Talent Agencies Are Not Your Answer

17 May

Gone are the days that talent agencies completely take over your brand and make your most important hiring decisions. Not only do you have to deal with high agency fees, but you may not even get to choose the talent you hire. At the end of the day, talent agencies can be extremely inefficient, expensive and time consuming! Take control of your company’s success and revolutionize the way you hire live talent to promote and represent your brand just the way you want by signing up with  to start searching talents, taking off the middle man.



Talent agencies are inefficient.

So let’s say there is a big event right around the corner and you need talent ASAP! What is the first step you take to find your talent? If you are thinking to contact a talent agency you are wrong! Let’s break it down, talent agencies are found to be inefficient. Plain and simple. Why you ask? Well, paying unheard of prices for talent that “might” work out with your company is not an option. The real truth is, agencies cannot actually plan for you. They often pull models that need work or haven’t received work in some time to make sure all of their talent is being rotated. Whoever is available will be booked for you. There are at least 40 hours that the agency wastes on a new client with paperwork alone. In the end, you have invested massive amounts of money without them actually moving your brand forward. The system of talent agencies are inefficient from the start. Gone are the days of brick and mortar agencies. Castango has a solution for you!


The Revolution.

RevolutionThere has been a revolution in many targeted industries. Major changes have been applied to popular industries to accommodate their clients wants and needs. Airbnb, Uber, Lyft and Upwork are just a few of the growing web platforms that have made your everyday life convenient. For example, Airbnb has taken over the way you find lodging when you travel. Remember when travel agencies were at their peak? Everyone went to a travel agent to find lodging at desired destinations. Airbnb completely took the brick and mortar agency platform and made it modern and convenient for the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Uber and Lyft made it happen for the transportation world and Upwork was created for freelancers. Where is the revolution and convenience in the live talent industry? You are finally at the right place.


No need to look any further. has transformed the way talent is hired. Say goodbye to the brick and mortar talent agencies. is an on-line job marketplace for trade show and event talent nationwide. We connect exhibitors and talent agencies with promotional models and talent. You can now search, communicate, and hire live talent on one simple web platform. We have streamlined the staffing process saving time and money while increasing your business prospects.  Get the best talent for YOUR company at Post your job and watch the talent inquiries build up! 

Save the paperwork and unnecessary fees. Find just the right talent you need to help your business move forward TODAY! Being able to pick and choose your talent is a huge advantage for your brand. Don’t put your success in somebody else’s hands. Take control of your future.


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