Talent Resume Guidelines

11 Apr

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Creating a resume can be a stressful process. It is imperative to have the proper information and skills listed. When your future employer glances at your resume they are looking for specific criteria. Your bio, skills, and work history are so important when an employer is looking to hire. So, where do you even begin? It can be overwhelming but here are some questions you must answer. What do you write for your biography? Which jobs should you list? has this complete guide to create the perfect resume for the trade show and event industry.



Your Bio:
Many people have different approaches to writing their biography. Make sure your objective is clear and concise. It is the first thing that your future employer will read so make it count! Make sure that it isn’t too long. Get to the point and let your future employer know exactly what you are aiming to achieve for their company or brand. Making your objective easy to understand while keeping it as personal as possible will evoke an emotion in your employer’s eyes. Of course, as freelance models, actors, singers etc. you have a specific skills and talents you are presenting. So, try to stick to the point when filling out your resume. The more concise you are with your purpose and background the more likely you will be hired. This section is the first thing your future employer will see so make it count! Always list your statistics when creating a resume for the promotional or event industry. If you have a specific uniform that is required listing your measurements etc. will expedite any further questions that your employer needs to know.


What skills and jobs matter?
When creating your resume you want to list any big events or trade shows you have worked. Little events here and there can be saved for conversation with your future employer. Companies will be looking for the larger events and brands you have worked with. What your future employer wants to see is the experience you’ve had working with reputable companies such as: LG Electronics, Samsung, Hawaiian Tropic, or any liquor promotions you have done. They want to know the type of experience you have in the field. If you do not have much experience with well known brands or companies that is okay too! Just make sure to list what experience you have in the industry regarding the position you are applying for. If you are applying to be a promotional model, list jobs and skills that are relevant to the position. For example, if you are applying for a liquor promotion position then make sure to list any jobs you have done in that genre, like being a cocktail waitress or bartender.  If you are applying for a spokesmodel position list what experience you have done in that field of work. Maybe you have done some acting work or sales where you had to speak about a product.  Having a video reel will always be a plus. Your video reel can be the end all be all as this gives your future employer the ability to see you in action.

  • Don’t forget to follow these simple guidelines. If you are struggling with your bio check out How to Write An Online also gives several tips and tricks regarding how to fill out your resume the best way possible. Keep your objective to the point and make sure your skills are relevant to the position you are applying for. Your resume should always fit on just one page as well. If you are looking for work in the trade show and event industry, be sure to check out all that has to offer.

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