The Difference Between Promotional Models, Spokesmodels and Brand Ambassadors.

26 Jul

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Hiring! Promotional models, spokesmodels, and brand ambassadors, Castango need you! Knowing the terminology of the trade show and event industry can better help you decide which job is the right one for you. This is vital when applying for any position. Each job has their own expectations. If you better understand the lingo then you can prepare yourself to be the best that you can be. Promotional Models, spokesmodels and brand ambassadors all have entirely different roles. The public perception of a brand, service, product or company is more so affected and influenced by a person-to-person experience. But what is the difference between a promotional model, spokesmodel and a brand ambassador? Well, let’s get down to the basics.

What is a Promotional Model?

61-300x300A Promotional Model is a man or woman who is hired to hype up consumer demand for a specific brand, service, or product by interacting with potential or returning customers. Their main goal is to increase product sales and public awareness of the brand being promoted. You are hired to draw in your audience and to provide them with the basic information about the product or service. You may also be used to gather information for the company to utilize at a further time. Not only are you providing information to your audience but you are also educating those future customers with your expertise in the product or service. Don’t be afraid to get out there and start talking to people. Your job is to capture people’s attention, draw them in, and have them focus on your product or service. Great examples of promotional models are for Red Bull, Tito’s Vodka, Hawaiian Tropic, Monster and many more.

What is a spokesmodel?

Spokesmodels are commonly known as being the face of a brand or specific product. Many celebritiestaylor-swift-covergirl-clean-makeup and brand influencers are selected to be spokesmodels for beauty, electronic, and health-care brands like Pantene, Proactive, Loreal etc. We see them everyday from magazines to commercials and the trade show floor. They talk about the brand and try to sell it. From a company’s perspective, having a well-known face can bring consumer trust to the product they are selling. When looking for a spokesmodel position understand that there are many tasks and responsibilities that come along with it. Modeling with the product is one task that is required and you must be comfortable being on camera because video segments are a part of the position as well. You may even see yourself on a commercial or in a magazine ad. Wherever the product is advertised or displayed a picture of the spokesmodel accompanies it to reinforce the branding. You may even be asked to attend launch parties and other public relations events in order for your audience to put a face and voice to the product. Long term, this position could be a lucrative career move.  

What is a Brand Ambassador?
Brand Ambassador is commonly known to be somebody who will help create a positive public opinion of the product or service. Having the title “Brand Ambassador” means the identity of the individual and the corporate entity become one. You embody the corporate status not only into your identity, but in your appearance and demeanor as well. Being well informed about your product or service is your lifeline because you are the go-to person when it comes to consumer questions about the brand. You literally have to eat, breathe, and sleep the brand you are representing. The company you are working for may want you to promote for them locally or you may also be asked to travel. Before you know it you could be meeting with executives or administrators and pitching the product, service or brand. Being charismatic is incredibly important because a true brand ambassador interacts with several hundred people each day. Your job is to inform the audience what you and the company truly have to offer. This could really become a profitable and exciting opportunity. As long as you have a great personality and ambition, then this job could be your calling. Some examples of brand ambassadors could be for Intel, Cisco, Sony, radio stations, or any other big company that needs

Which job title is best for you?

Now that you are more educated on the differences between a promotional model, spokesmodel and a brand ambassador you can make better choices.  Understanding the job descriptions will allow you to tackle the trade show and event industry with success. Sign up now for free and start making money!

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