The Evolution of Brand Ambassadorship

22 Jan


Experiencing CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada was unlike anything you’ve ever seen. New gadgets, one right after another covered the showroom floor. Crowds of people were rushing around to see what is new and exciting in the world of technology. As Castango team stopped by the Sony booth, the appearance of the typical promotional model wasn’t immediately obvious. Upon closer inspection it was revealed that Sony was representing their company with a more specialized version of brand ambassadorship. Instead of hiring someone to promote the company for one show in one venue, Sony has decided to utilize their own staff or hire a person whose sole purpose was to promote the brand at trade shows and events. Companies are now on the hunt for booth brains as the economy has caused them to cut down on expenses. They are getting smarter by realizing that if they hire someone it should be a person who really fits the brand and has expertise. Quality over quantity! At Castango, we help discover the right talent for the product or service that is being offered. Finding this type of talent takes work, which is why Castango works hard to match employers with quality talent for their brands.  


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Brands are now taking a more cautious approach to who represents their product or service. In the past, companies have run into quite a few road bumps having inappropriate representation of their brand. Olive 17mrn7p1t088wjpg-1Garden’s “unofficial spokeswoman” Kendra Wilkinson decided to sponsor a modeling contest for their employees. Darden Restaurant, the parent company of Olive Garden, wasn’t happy with the unofficial spokesmodel tarnishing the image of a family oriented restaurant. This was due to the previous exposure in Playboy Magazine that Kendra Wilkinson received early in her career. Her image and the company’s image clashed which did not work out well in the end.


Subway’s well-known brand ambassador and spokesman, Jared Fogle, catapulted the company into success following his 245lb weight loss. Over the next 17 years he talked about the importance of preventing childhood obesity and keeping the weight off by eating subway twice a week. After a jared7-7-2015-20150819072652573-20150820110005206-1long period of time of being a brand ambassador for Subway, their business relationship was ended due to bad choices and personal associations. He is no longer the brand ambassador which dropped Subways sales drastically. “Subway has nearly 44,000 shops in 110 countries, but in its homeland, sales declined last year by 3 percent, or $400 million, falling faster than any other of America’s top 25 food chains — even McDonald’s — according to the Washington Post.”


The Realization

Just as brand ambassadors can hinder a company, choosing the right one for your brand can catapult your sales and buzz as well. Finding the best representation for the brand is key! Talent must embody the brand they are representing on and off the clock. Companies, like Sony, are now on their toes when hiring brand ambassadors to represent their brand. Hiring talent just for their looks has given the trade show, consumer and event industry a bad name. Companies are taking a more productive approach to finding what suits their brand to maintain continuity and ensure success.  To learn how to qualify for this type of work, refer back to our blog on how to become a successful promotional model. It will give you the insight on what tips and tricks will land you consistent jobs. is the perfect place to book big events and connect with professional talent nationwide.  Don’t leave your business up to chance, make a meaningful connection today!

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