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02 Jun

Trade show blog: use technology to get ahead

What you’ve been reading is true. Freelancers in all walks of the business world are changing the way the economy works. That’s right, this has never happened before. Many people who have been in the workforce for years are seeking out careers with flexibility in mind; enough people to change the way businesses seek out talent. 20 years ago about 93% of the workforce was considered full time staff. The ranks of the self-employed have held relatively steady over the past few years. In 2009, 15.3 million Americans identified themselves as self-employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In October 2012, 14.9 million U.S. workers were self-employed. (source: The talent has taken their career in their own hands, and set a path for employers.

The freelance world may or may not be new to you. As a Model, you may already have a solid portfolio and resume filled with work and spectacular references. Just remember the trials and tribulations you had to go through in order to book those jobs. Your hard work will pay off, and the good news is, it will become easier to find jobs as time goes on. Companies no longer have to be coaxed into hiring freelance or “temp” employees. Now that we are seeing this shift in the workforce people are gravitating toward freelancers. is a freelance platform for the trade show and event industry.

What does this mean for freelance models and talent?

Companies looking to hire models for trade shows and conventions already know the drill. With a platform like, we have made it even easier for companies and models to connect with one another. By creating a profile with Castango a company can easily connect with talent on-line direct. As a model you’ve dealt with the frustrations of finding freelance work and you’ve jumped through hoops in order to collect payment for your services. With freelance labor gaining more popularity in the general workforce, those headaches are over! Businesses know what to expect with freelance employees and they know where to find the most exceptional talent. Sign up with Castango now and see where your career takes you.


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