The Importance of Your Castango Profile

28 Jan

Welcome to Freelance modeling is becoming more common these days. Our goal is to make it safe and simple for companies and talent to connect with each other all in one place. Here at we aim to provide you with the best resources to enable you to follow your dream. With that being said, we have requirements in order for you to be successful at finding the perfect job for you. The first step is to upload your professional headshot. The second step is to create your BIO. Third step is to fill out your statistics and work history. Forgetting to upload your professional headshot or not filling out your profile completely is a deal breaker for your future employers and looks unprofessional. Below are the steps help you get hired for your next big event.


First step: Upload your professional headshot.

Your headshot is the new handshake in the promotional and event industry. Refrain from utilizing “selfies” for professional submissions. More and more talent are using selfies for picture submissions and castings, but they simply do not work. When your future employer is searching for talent your headshot is their first impression of you. Having one photo just may not be enough for the company. will provide options for you to upgrade your profile that allows to upload your multi-media resume. Which means, not only are you able to upload more photos, but you have the option to upload a video reel. Essentially this is your portfolio and will show your skills, expertise and diversity so they can find you amongst thousands of talents.


Second Step: Create your BIO.


This is absolutely vital to your success with

After you upload your headshot fill out the bio on your profile. As a freelance model you will need to market yourself independently. Your BIO becomes an introduction to who you are and what you can offer as a talent. You should make sure it highlights your model personality and brings out your personal brand and experience. Here are some tips on making your bio stand out and one they will never forget. If you are not sure on where to begin, read our blog How To Write an Online Bio. It is mainly how your future employer will get to know about you, your goals and aspirations.


Third Step: Fill out your statistics and work history.


Not only is this important, it is VITAL. At, companies have the ability to search talent they need for their future trade show or event. gives them the option to search talent based on eye color, hair color, industry experience, etc. By filling out this portion of your profile you may show up in the search engine and be selected for a job booking. Not completing your work history is a deal breaker for companies. They want to make sure that you have the experience and expertise they are requiring for promoting their product or service. When you leave your profile blank, you will not show up in the website built-in search engine and your future employers will automatically go to other talents with complete profile info that meet their requirements.


The importance of your Castango profile can’t be stressed enough. Provided above are the 3 steps in order to land your next big gig! Upload a professional headshot, bio and provide your statistics and work history. It won’t take you long and will attract business your way. You can utilize your profile as your very own domain to showcase who you are in the trade show and event industry and book more work. If you miss a step, it could cost you a job.

So, don’t forget to return back to this blog if you get stuck on any aspect of your profile. is here to help you succeed!


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Comment below any tips or tricks you have for filling out your profile.

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