The Portal to the Future of Live Talent

21 Feb


Take control of your future as a promotional model, spokesmodel, MC or any live talent for that matter. Agencies have been known to get you work by utilizing their marketing skills and headshot sessions. Before the internet, agencies were the main source to find work professionally. Not only are agencies extremely costly, but they take a large percentage of money out of those big events you book. Do you want to take control of your future? Castango  allows companies and talent to correspond with each other without the middle man. Here is why Castango  is the portal for the future of Live Talent. Change your life today.


Castango  was founded by, Chekesha Van Putten a woman who has experienced the trials and tribulations of the trade show and event industry first hand and created a web platform to make it easier for models and talents to connect direct with companies and apply for posted gigs. She had a passion for talent and wanted to revolutionize the process of finding work. Not only does Castango  give you the freedom to chose which gig to work, it allows you to be in control of your future.

You can utilize your Castango profile as your portfolio. Showcase your head shots, biography, skills and work history to potential employers.  No longer do you have to wait to be selected by an agency to promote your skills and ability. You have control.  

Agencies determine your rate and are known to collect a fee upfront. With companies determine their budget and you decide if you want to work for that rate and apply direct. Castango , also provides options to upgrade your profile to gain more exposure. Imagine directing companies to your profile so you have control over which jobs you book. Castango  allows you to be unique and upload professional headshots from the photographer or videographer of your choice.

Promote yourself the way you want to be viewed by companies by uploading your video reel or providing more pictures. Your headshot is your calling card so make sure to get professional photos and avoid using  “selfies.” An “agency” is great in some cases, but times have changed. 38 % of Millennials are seeking part time freelance work, which is higher than any other generation. Millennials have taken over throughmillennialscollage internet and social media. This generation checks their computers as well as phones, on average, more than 43 times per day! Castango  is giving our talent the opportunity to merge work with technology. Our platform allows you to find gigs remotely, independently and to create your own schedule. This platform allows you to continue about your day and communicate with your future employers no mater where you are. Some agencies require you to take classes and show up at their office which is all under a cost. If you are contracted with an agency its likely that you don’t even get to choose your gigs. You certainly do not communicate with the business directly either.



Talent agencies do not guarantee you’ll get work and you can waste a lot of time waiting around for the phone to ring.  No gig is ever guaranteed, but the more exposure and effort you put into representing yourself professionally on Castango , the more likely you will be to land a job. This could even become your full time career! You could end up traveling the all over the country, networking with well known people, working big events.  Take advantage of the blogs we have in our blog section to help further your knowledge and success in this industry.

Castango is the future of live talent and company interaction. Trade shows and events are always evolving and so is this platform. New additions will be added to the website this year to make it even more convenient for models and companies to do business with one another. Book jobs straight from your computer or phone, on your own time. Castango  is not an agency, instead, the portal to the future of casting.

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