The Power of Good Company: Eventception

23 Jun

While hundreds of marketing strategies exist and have evolved over the years, event marketing has remained among the most popular for one simple reason. It works. This is why business owners who want the best possible talent for their event go with Hiring the most experienced models with ease is just one puzzle piece of your next trade show or event.

Finding the other pieces can be tricky, especially if it’s your first show. The first step to solving any puzzle is to step back and look at the big picture. One way to gain perspective is to take a look at what some of the larger and more experienced businesses are doing to create interest and drive traffic to their events/exhibits. If you see a strategy you like, it’s easy to modify it to fit your company’s personality and product. Remember, when you are solving a puzzle, you don’t have to re-create the picture. The pieces are already there, you just have to rearrange them to fit together. Here are a couple great examples that you can modify to fit your needs at the next event.


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 6.47.48 AM

As Leonardo DiCaprio said as Cobb in the movie Inception, “The smallest seed of an idea can grow.” Imagine your product as this seed, growing in popularity with each person who visits your booth. How do you get each one of these people to remember your product over everyone else’s? How about this? Hold your own event within the event. At Sundance a few years ago, Ray Ban’s marketing team created their own event utilizing a captive audience. They boarded the VIP and Celebrity shuttles going to and from the festival and played “Truth or Dare” giving out a free pair of sunglasses to each participant. People were laughing, dancing and participating! They were getting involved with a company on a very personal level. If you can harness a little bit of Leonardo DiCaprio’s idea as a strategy at your next show, everyone will be talking about your product as part of their experience.

Listen to your Consumers at the Show 

This one seems like a no-brainer, but going about this the right way can save you time, money, and give your product the buzz it needs! Hyundai created a campaign in which they recorded people’s reactions while they drove around in the newest cars. They ended up with a lot of footage and captured exciting clips for testimonials. Recorded documentation like this is fantastic to use for your next research and development phase and clips can be uploaded to YouTube for laughs and give you a shot at going viral.

Finding the right talent to interact with your customers, training them to promote your product, bond with your customer base and reflect your brand doesn’t have to be difficult. Book your talent through and ensure that you have first-hand experience of your representatives before you hire them. No surprises! Send the right message at the right time and right place, every time.

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