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30 Mar

Ah, the age old question every business owner asks before the next big show. Marketing is a large expense and hiring models for the upcoming trade show or event is certainly not cheap.

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Believe it or not, the benefits of hiring a models through Castango are completely worth the cost. Here’s a few reasons why:

Models Can Actually Save You Money

Yes, you read that correctly. If your trade show requires a long trip, you’ll be using a lot of that marketing budget on plane tickets and hotel rooms. If you only had to bring a few key members of your staff and could hire trade show models locally to help run your booth your expenses will be much lower than bringing the whole staff. Perhaps there’s some room in that marketing budget for a spa day after all.

Gather a Larger Crowd

With experienced models on hand you can handle a larger crowd at your booth. If you can engage a massive group of people within the trade show, other attendees will wonder what the commotion is and join the crowd too! Trade show models have experience handling crowds and are well versed in learning information about your business and products quickly. You may even be able to find models that specialize in crowd management.

Show Off Your Product

An excellent way to showcase your product is to have a model use it at your booth. A live demonstration of a beautiful face using your product will not only draw attention to your booth, but can help visually explain what your product is and how it works.Don’t underestimate the buzz a model can bring to your product. Just take a look at the pairing of Jordache and Sarah Jessica Parker. For a company founded in 1978, Jordache didn’t let the past slow them down. They teamed up with the Sex and the City superstar to successfully enter the world of e-commerce. Sarah Jessica Parker will be modeling for their online exclusive collection “Look.”

Have Fun

You’re here to be productive and generate leads, no clowning around. Just kidding! Well the leads are important, but a trade show doesn’t have to be boring and tedious. Models don’t have to be scantily clad handing out keychains with your logo. They can perform skits, play games, and engage the attendees with games and prizes. Utilize your trade show models to break up the monotony of the show and have some fun.

Booking your models through Castango is efficient, easy, and cost effective. Whether you’re looking for talent to represent your company in town or across the country, Castango has your back.

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