The Revolution of Snapchat for Companies and Events

27 Sep


Social media has ruled the marketing industry for some time now. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are used as company’s primary sources of advertisement. Unlike many of the popular on-line web platforms, Snapchat is a new social media outlet that is solely an app. It captures live photos or pictures displaying what you are doing or where you are in real time. There are over 100 million daily active users and 400 million snaps per day. One of the fastest growing networks is Snapchat. If you travel, attend events, exhibit at trade shows etc. you could be using this platform and actively promoting your brand! Snapchat gives you the option to reach a different demographic of people. Believe it or not this app is taking over social medias such as Twitter.

Social Media Rotating


Twitter has been a great way to get your brand out to the public. Not only does it give you the option to reach people personally, it is an outlet to simply promote your brand.  You can almost call it “rotating.” When a new hype social media outlet is created it will start trending. A great example is Myspace to Facebook. Myspace arrived which led to a future Facebook which was a new and improved version of sharing who you are with your peers. Snapchat is a combination of Instagram and Youtube. You have the options to personalize your photos as well as videos, there are fun filters to use, and most of all, everyone is doing it! This app is really taking over.

Millennials and The Importance

The best news is that Snapchat is absolutely free. Free advertisement is always great advertisement. Millennials are primarily using this application, but it is also reaching an older demographic as well. During this day and age, millennials are starting to just ask for people’s’ Snapchat username instead of sharing phone numbers or even Facebook! While you are at a corporate event, majority of the time you take a business card to obtain new leads. As time goes on and new apps like Snapchat are created, business cards will become obsolete.

With the internet at our fingertips, business cards are downright quaint in their lack of detail and dimensionality. If we want to know about someone these days, we can Google them and sift through their tumblr, browse their Twitter or read about them on-line.  It is very common to loose business cards as well. If you have a Snapchat that documents your journey through your evening, you can add new contacts in a timely fashion without missing another lead.

Build Your Snapchat BrandLoganPaul

There are multiple ways to use Snapchat as a business. You can run promotions and contests by giving a short video or photos offering promotional codes or even discounts. Asking your audience to take a picture using your service or holding your product will give your brand more exposure. You also have the ability to partner with influencers.

Logan Paul, who has a huge following on social media, directed his viewers to the Sour Patch Kids Snapchat. Everyone who sees his snaps will be able to see his shout out. At the end, you get more followers and more people viewing your brand’s personality and overall what it is. As long as you learn the ropes of Snapchat and play around with the app yourself, you will then see how influential it can be to the success of your brand.

If running your own Snapchat is the last thing on your mind, hire a brand ambassador to take it over! has talent that specialize in promotions of all kinds. Hire a millennial ambassador who is familiar with snapchat to take control of your social media and you will have great success. They are submerged in this world every day. Post a job for FREE on and find your professional promotional assistant!


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