The Rise Of Influencers

14 Jul

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The Power Of Good Company | The Rise of Influencers

Influencer marketing (or influence marketing) is when marketing resources and energy are shifted away from the target market (your potential customers) and moved to specific influential individuals know as influencers, such as: bloggers, publishers &, social media mavens. You’ve seen them via instagram, facebook &, snap chat promoting the next big thing. This style of marketing requires the identification of individuals that greatly influence potential buyers and can convince people to use your product. So let Castango show you some history and find out where this type of marketing originated.

In 1940, right after the invention of the wheel, sociologists Paul Lazarsfeld and Elihu Katz hypothesized the Multi Step Flow Model. At the time FDR had just been elected to a third term, an unprecedented action by the U.S. population. These scientists hypothesized that Roosevelt’s third term election had less to do with mass media coverage and everything to do with third-party opinion leaders. Upon conducting a series of interviews, they found that most people arrived at their voting decision through a multitude of steps. Instead of hearing news coverage or reading it in print and making a decision, many people would wait to hear what their local “opinion leaders” had to say before casting a vote.

We can apply this history to influence marketing strategies today. Over sixty years later, we have many societal influencers and even more “opinion followers” than ever. The trick is finding these influencers so that they can tell the world how amazing your product is. The question is who are the best influencers? In today’s market you will find that models carry some major social influence and weight!

If you type Kate Upton’s name into twitter you’ll find she has 2.1 million followers or Kendall Jenner who has 11.5 million. Imagine reaching millions of potential customers with just one tweet!

Let’s face it. You may not be able to reach or afford A-list celebrities like Kendall or Kate, but it is easy to find spokesmodels and brand ambassadors who have influence within your own network through Castango. You can hire someone who has a good social following or influence in a relevant community, industry or trade. Let’s say you own a cosmetics line and are looking to reach 20- year-old females who love make up. You may find a pro cheerleader who has to wear make up at every game to help promote your brand. With some free product and a small fee she would probably be thrilled to help promote your brand socially and spread the word through her network of cheerleaders and sports fans.

It’s important to find your social influencers to help build your brand and generate buzz on and offline. Castango can help you find and connect with the most influential spokesmodels, brand ambassadors, promotional models and more to increase your social and brand presence. With the help of an influencer you’ll be sure to maximize your reach and in turn maximize your revenue. Get creative and think about what type of person you need and start searching for them now!

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  1. […] The influence this can have on your audience and/or target market is immense. Think about it. The product does not have to stand out on its own or speak for itself anymore. It becomes an extension of the Brand Ambassador and embodies his/her voice. I’ll bet the next time you see a pair of Jordache jeans you’ll think of Sarah Jessica Parker and your favorite Sex and the City moment. All because of a pair of pants. […]

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