The Secret to Hiring Top Talent

09 May

Hiring talent is a very important investment while raising brand awareness. Not only is it helpful to you, it is helpful to your brand as well. is going to reveal the 3 secrets to hiring top talent for the trade show and event industry.

  • Avoid brick and mortar agencies.


  • Be aware of your audience.


  • Find the right match for your company.



  1. Stay away from brick and mortar agencies.

Brick and mortar talent agencies require upfront fees and take complete control as to who is going to represent your brand. Not only do you not have a say in who they chose for your company, you have to put everything in someone else’s hands. Not to mention the service and casting fees are unrealistic in most cases. is the future of live talent. Times are changing and so is the process of hiring top talent. It is the 21st century and gone are the days of having to settle for these inconveniences. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can hinder how much time you have.  It can be difficult for you to actually find time to go down to an agency, a couple times a month or more, to pay fees and sign papers. Having an online web platform to turn to that helps you find the perfect talent is now a reality!

  1. Be aware of your audience.

Understanding the audience you are trying to target is your second step to a successful hiring experience. What does your brand exude? What are you selling or what service are you offering? Do you want a woman to represent your brand or a man? Brainstorm exactly what you imagine your brand to portray to your target audience. If you are a clothing company, leaning towards a younger generation, then having a millennial represent your brand is a smart move! If you are selling a service such as insurance you may want a middle aged woman who is already educated in that industry. It is ideal if your talent is able connect or relate to your audience. Keep that in mind the next time you are searching for the fresh face for your brand.

  1. Find the right match for your company.

The thought of finding your talent, training them properly and trusting them to represent you as a whole can be overwhelming. At we have created a platform to alleviate  your concerns. The founder of has battled the struggle on both spectrums of the trade show and event industry therefore, she has found results to the process of hiring top talent. Not only does offer advanced search optimization, this web platform encompass some of the best promotional talent in the industry. Utilize all that has to offer to help you succeed with new marketing strategies and top live talent. 

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