Think You’re Cut Out for Running a Booth at Conventions? Take Our Quiz!

02 Feb

In order to generate interest in your business, a trade show or convention can be just the ticket! There are a few things Castango suggests a business owner should keep in mind before shelling out the time and money to develop and run a booth at a trade show.

  1. Will you be able to recoup the costs from the booth to the spokesmodel(s) hired?
  2. Will attending an even convert interest into clients?
  3. Is your business at the point where you are ready to offer your services or are you simply looking to get your name out into the world?
  4. Do you have a clear target or goal for the convention?
  5. Is the conference you wish to attend absolutely relevant to your industry?
  6. Who else is attending the event? Competition?
  7. What was previous media coverage of the event like? Was there national coverage and interviews? Will this kind of PR benefit your business?
  8. Will you have the opportunity to be a speaker at the event?
  9. Can you stand, discuss your business, and compile leads for many hours on end?

These are questions every business owner should ask before diving in to the trade show or convention world. Perhaps the business is not large enough to earn the costs back from attending the show, but attending could potentially lead to an explosion in business. Does the business owner have what it takes to keep attendees engaged the entire time? Trade shows and conventions can be extremely taxing on the body and mind. That’s why Castango has made it easy for businesses to link up with professional spokesmodels and trade show talent. Make sure your business has a clear, defined answer for every one of these questions, then join Castango to find the best face to represent your company.

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