Tips For A Successful Headshot Session

07 Apr

Tawni Sua is new to Las Vegas, NV. and recently signed up for Castango. She had never taken professional photographs and took advantage of Castango‘s headshot promo. Her main hesitation was not liking the end results or being scammed by the photographer. But, she knew the importance of having a professional headshot to meet industry standards and took the plunge. Now, Tawni is on her way to a successful career and we feel privileged to be part of the process!  Here’s a sneak peak of her shoot:

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Hopefully you’ve learned the value of  having professional headshots by the time you are reading this, the last of a 3 part blog series on “The Importance of Professional Headshots”.

Part oneIt’s not just a headshot

Part twoThe new handshake

Here is Part three:

Tips For A Successful Headshot Session

Keep The Fashion Basic

Now is not the time to break out that experimental top. You’ll want your headshot to last a long time; something that will appeal to a business owner setting up a booth for SEMA as well as someone looking for a real life representation of their graphic art at Comic Con. You are the star of this picture, not the clothing! Keep the clothing simple so that your face is the star!

Go for variety

Practice a variety of facial expressions and even confer with the photographer at the shoot. What will they think looks best on the screen? What expression represents who you are? Remember, your headshot not only shows potential employers what you look like, it also gives them an idea of your style and personality. Remember why you are going to a professional Your headshot is not just a seriously awesome picture of you. It’s your business card, your handshake, your first impression. Your headshot will be your main marketing tool. Make sure you approach the shoot with an open mind. Professional photographers know what works and what doesn’t. Their feedback and suggestions are based upon their experience setting up and taking hundreds if not thousands of photographs of models just like you. So they know best.

Me, myself, and I

Your headshot is a unique opportunity to just be you. The only thing you have to represent is yourself, so enjoy it! As a model, you may have represented businesses at trade shows or events, a clothing line on the runway, or demonstrated how a product works at an event. Now is the time to represent yourself and no one else! When a casting agent or business owner looks at your headshot, they should be able to see your true personality through the photo. No matter what your inner personality, it is best, in the trade show industry, that at least one of your photos projects you as a “fun” and happy person. This photo is not for dramatic acting.

Don’t Delay, Do it Now

Sign up today with Castango and give your career the momentum it needs!

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 7.27.49 AM

Do you have any last tips on how to prepare for a professional headshot session?  We want to hear from you in the comments below!  Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


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